Commemorative Medal of the 20th Birthday of the First Prime Minister

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Commemorative Medal of the 20th Birthday of the First Prime Minister
Commemorative Medal of the 20th Birthday of First Prime Minister - Medal.svg
20th Birthday of Princess Arnisha Commemorative Medal
Awarded by  Vishwamitra
EligibilityCitizens and Privy Councillors
StatusNo longer awarded
Established11 November 2020
20th Birthday commemorative medal of Arnisha Phatowali-ribbon.svg
Ribbon bar of the Commemorative Medal

The Commemorative Medal of the 20th Birthday of the First Prime Minister is a commemorative medal issued by the State of Vishwamitra to commemorate the 20th Birthday of the first Prime Minister, Princess Arnisha for her contributions to the establishment of the nation and all dedication towards the building of the nation during the initial years of the nation.

The award was constituted by a decree issued by the Rashtradhyaksh on 11 November 2020, a day before the 20th Birthday of Her Royal Highness Princess Arnisha.


01 His Majesty Dhrubajyoti Roy Rashtradhyaksh
02 Her Majesty Tanishkaa Patranabish Sah-Rashtradhyaksh
03 His Royal Highness Bishnu Chetry Rajpramukh of Uttaranchal
04 His Royal Highness Arnab Sil Rajpramukh of Madhya Prant
05 His Royal Highness Anirban Phatowali Rajpramukh of Kamrupa
06 His Royal Highness Mohd. Mridul Amin Rajpramukh of Basistha
07 Her Royal Highness Princess Anoushkaa Prime Minister of Vishwamitra
08 His Royal Highness Prince Abhiraj Deputy Prime Minister of Vishwamitra
09 His Highness Gheorghe Stefan Marius Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations
10 His Excellency The Right Honourable Chandrachur Basu
(revoked on 5 February 2021)
Administrator of the Special Administrative Territory of Chandril
11 His Royal Highness Prince Saikat Minister of Environment and Natural Resources
Minister of Information and Broadcasting
12 His Royal Highness Prince Manoj Coordinating Minister of National Policies
13 Her Royal Highness Princess Asmi Princess Regent of Beltola
14 Her Royal Highness Princess Bishakha Senior Minister of State
15 The Right Honourable
Casper von Naveria
Privy Councillor
16 The Right Honourable
Phillip Joseph Pillin
Privy Councillor
17 The Honourable Matthew Xia Chairman of the Party of Progress and Prosperity
18 His Excellency Isaiah Burdette Chairman, Nobility Establishment Committee
19 The Honourable Nafiz Morshalin Chairman of the People's Party of Vishwamitra

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