Order of the Commonwealth (Friends Society)

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Order of the Commonwealth (Friends Society)
Awarded by the Sovereign of the Commonwealth
TypeOrder of chivalry
Established3 August 2019
Awarded forAt the President's pleasure
StatusNot awarded after 5 August 2019
Dormant since 3 July 2020
FounderDhrubajyoti Roy
GradesKnight/Dame (KC)
Honorary Knight/Dame (Hon. KC)
Officer (OC)
First induction4 August 2019
Last induction5 August 2019
Total inductees10

Ribbon bar of the Order of the Commonwealth

The Order of the Commonwealth is a dormant order of the Commonwealth of Friends Society. It was established on 4 August 2019, following the proclamation of the Commonwealth by then President Dhrubajyoti Roy. The President served as the Founder and Grand Master of the order and the order was conferred in three different grades:

  • Knight/Dame (KC) (conferred only upon state individuals)
  • Honorary Knight/Dame (Hon. KC) (conferred upon foreign heads of state)
  • Officers (OC) (conferred upon ministers, etc.)

Recipients of the order

No. Name Nation Conferred as Grade Date appointed
1 Dhrubajyoti Roy Flag of Friends Society (Dec 2017-2020).svg Friends Society President
(Grand Master of the order)
Knight 4 August 2019
2 Tanishkaa Patranabish Prime Minister Dame 4 August 2019
3 Anoushkaa Patranabish Vice-President 4 August 2019
4 Sarala Baishya Leader of the Opposition 4 August 2019
5 Rameses Fidelis.jpg Fidelis Prince-Elector Honorary Knight 4 August 2019
6 Luis Palay Hayate Kaleido.jpeg Kaleido President 4 August 2019
7 Bishnu Chetry Flag of Friends Society (Dec 2017-2020).svg Friends Society Senior Minister Officer 4 August 2019
8 Arnab Sil 4 August 2019
9 Asmi Patranabis Deputy Prime Minister 4 August 2019
10 Gustavo Essedin Gamee GugutaneaFlag.png Gugutanea Prime Minister Honorary Knight 5 August 2019