Monarchy of Burdette

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The Monarchy of Burdette is the King of Burdette which the Constitution of Burdette gives immense power. The constitution gives the King the most power out of any other government official some examples are, complete immunity from civil and criminal prosecution and power to veto.

Constitutional power

  • Can issue Royal Edicts(can not contradict parliament laws, the constitution, or court order)
  • Can veto legislation(the veto may be overturned with a 4/5 vote from Parliament.)
  • Can declare war and leads the Burdette armed forced.
  • Can pardon individuals of criminal and civil offenses.
  • Can sign into law treaties and conventions.
  • Can create and confer medals to citizens and foreign entities.
  • Can confer military ranks to citizens.
  • Can accept ambassadors and diplomats to Burdette
  • Can appoint Ministers(the Prime Minister and King must agree one the Ministers)
  • Can make Burdette join intermicronational organizations.
  • Can propose legislation to parliament.
  • Can appoint advisors.

Monarchs of Burdette

Name Date office was assumed Portrait
Isaiah Burdette 3 December 2020 - present WaGmvu43MRAs- port.jpg