December 2020 Burdette Parliament Elections

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The December 2020 Burdette Parliament Elections were the first elections in Burdette history they were held shortly after the founding. 6 citizens ended up being elected to the Royal Parliament of Burdette. This was also in the provisional era so there was no constitution and the rules of the election were made up by King Isaiah Burdette I. King Isaiah Burdette I opened signups on 8 December 2020 and announced the date of the election was 14 December 2020. In the following days 6 citizens announced candidacy and all 6 citizens that ran won a seat automatically.


The following is a list of citizens elected:

  • May Cambridge
  • Nathan Jiang
  • David Augustus
  • Mustapha Hoeit
  • Alojzije Franjević
  • Addison Dillon