Order of the Blue Blood

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Order of the Blue Blood
Ordem do Sangue Azul
OBB Medal.png
Awarded by the King of Ebenthal
TypeNational order
Established2016 (Roschfallenian order)
2020 (Ebenthali order)
Motto"Man like few, prince like none" -King Albert I of Belgium on Luís, Prince Imperial of Brazil.
EligibilityRoyalty only.
Awarded forAt His Majety's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterKing Arthur II
First induction2016
Total inductees36
Next (higher)Order of the Ebony Crown
Next (lower)Order of Lady Mary

Ribbon of the Order

The Order of the Blue Blood (Portuguese: Ordem do Sangue Azul) is a dynastic order of the Clan Brum and a national of the Kingdom of Ebenthal exclusively awarded to royalty at the monarch's pleasure. It is the second higher honour of Ebenthal as of current, in substitution to the Order of the Swiss Prince, historically the higher and later second higher national order (and currently a sub-national order).

The order was established in 2016 by King Arthur I, of the Clan Brum as a national order of the Kingdom of Roschfallen. In December 2020, King Ferdinand I of Roschfallen ceded the order's sovereignty and mastership back to the Clan Brum as a dynastic order and the order was subsequently attached to the national pantheon of orders and awards of the Kingdom of Ebenthal, whose throne is occupied by the said dynasty in the figure of King Arthur II.


The Roschfallenian order

The Order of the Blue Blood was founded on 26 January 2016 by King Arthur I of Roschfallen as national order, loosely based in the Order of the Garter, with the purpose to award royal friends. The term "Blue Blood" comes from the old Visighotic tradition of saying that the Christian royals had blue blood in contrast to the average red blood of the Moors in the Iberian peninsula. The term was popularized in countries that emerged from what was the Visigothic Kingdom (namely Portugal and Spain), as well as in its former colonies, and was adapted to the English language in 1811 in the Annual Register and started to be used from 1834 to categorize people of royal descent.

In Roschfallen, the order occupied the third most prestigious position, behind the orders of the Golden Triumph and of Vissen the Mad. Eventually it became more prestigious due to its name and its unique recipients, especially in contrast to the other orders in the realm, which were held to be meaningless.

The Ebenthali order

From 2019 Roschfallen entered in an age of decay with less and less political activity and the departure of significant government officials which culminated in the abdication of King Arthur I at the end of the year and his succession by King Ferdinand I.

In October 2020 the former King of Roschfallen and current King of Ebenthal, Arthur II, thought of revive the order under his rule. He then sought the King Ferdinad I of Roschfallen and proposed to him an accord by which the Roschfallenian State would hand over the order back to the Clan Brum on behalf of the Ebenthali State. With the order virtually inactive, the Roschfallenian monarch agreed and the governments of Ebenthal and Roschfallen strucked a deal and both monarchs signed the Treaty of the Blue Blood.

On 4 December 2020 the Ebenthali Government ratified the treaty and the Order of the Blue Blood officially became a dynastic order of the Ebenthali Royal Family and it was incorpored at the national pantheon of orders and awards. Those who have been previously appointed as members of the order by the Roschfallenian monarch got their positions reviewed and were mostly kept as members. The order went through another reformation on 20 August 2021, being transformed into a single-grade order.

Precedence and privileges

Members of all rankings of this order are assigned positions in the order of precedence, ranking above all others members of equal rankings of whichever orders except for the higher Order of the Silver Cat. Consorts, childs and childs-in-law also feature on the order of precedence; relatives of members, however, are not assigned any special precedence. Generally, individuals can derive precedence from their parents or consorts as long as the recipient lives.

All members ot the order are entitled to the prefixes of "Sir" and "Ma'am". When an individual is entitled to use multiple post-nominal letters, the ones of the order (GCSA for Grand Crosses; COSA for Commanders; OSA for Officials; OBB for Knights and Dames) takes precedence. All recipients may encircle their arms with the circlet of the order.


The King of Ebenthal is the Sovereign and Grand Master of the order. All deeds granting decorations of the Order must bear the signature of the Sovereign and Grand Master. Members of the order are granted a certificate and are eligible to require a personal coat of arms with the insignia of the Order. The Order has one degree, but it had formerly four:

  1. Grand Cross (GCSA) – Wears the badge on a collar (chain) or on a sash on the right shoulder, plus the medal on the left chest;
  2. Commander (COSA) – Wears the badge on a necklet, plus the medal on the left chest;
  3. Officer (OSA) – Wears the badge on a necklet;
  4. Knight (OBB) – Wears the badge on a ribbon on the left chest;

Grand Masters of the Order

Name Grand Master as Period
Arthur I King of Roschfallen 26 January 2016 - 29 December 2019
Ferdinand I King of Roschfallen 29 December 2019 - 4 December 2020
Arthur II King of Ebenthal 4 December 2020 – present


Name Nation Grade Date appointed
Omar V, Sultan of Harram Harranflag.png Sultanate of Harram Knight 14 February 2016
Prince Adrien of Roschfallen Roschfallen Flag.png Kingdom of Roschfallen Knight 14 February 2016 (revoked in 2017)
Dean II, Prince of St. George Post-flag.svg Principality of St. George Knight 2 June 2016
Pedro I, Emperor of Schneeblutig NewSchneeblutigFlag.png Empire of Schneeblutig Knight 2 June 2016
Gionata Giackovseen XIII, Emperor of Znatsnaz ZnatsazFlag2.png The Sublime Confederation of Znatsnaz Knight 7 August 2016
Abbas I, King of Escorvania D62659 415b852ea85b4b6e9d480636a23dd622.png Kingdom of Escorvania Knight 21 February 2018
Ivan, Kanfre of Lifréia Flag Lifreia 2018.png Empire of Lifréia Knight 22 February 2018
Oscar I, Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia Karno-Ruthenian Empire Karno-Ruthenian Empire Knight 30 October 2020
Fernando I, King of Roschfallen Roschfallen Flag.png Kingdom of Roschfallen Knight 30 October 2020
Thomas I, King of Quinta Velha QuintaVelhaFlag.png Kingdom of Quinta Velha Knight 30 October 2020
Jan Aurelius I, Prince of Snowy Plains Flagsn.png Sovereign Principality of Snowy Plains Knight 3 November 2020
Princess Emmanuela of Ebenthal Ebenthal Kingdom of Ebenthal Dame 9 November 2020
Princess Nilza of Geraldorf Ebenthal Kingdom of Ebenthal Dame 16 November 2020
Dhrubajyoti Roy of Vishwamitra Vishwamitra State of Vishwamitra Knight 1 December 2020
Maria I, Queen of Sildavia Sildavia Kingdom of Sildavia Dame 1 December 2020
Prince Bruno of Woenstein  United Provinces of Mauritia Knight 5 January 2021
Louis Philippe I, King of the Eminians EminiaFlag.png Kingdom of Eminia Knight 30 January 2021
Archduke Ari of Ruthenia Karno-Ruthenian Empire Karno-Ruthenian Empire Knight 22 March 2021
Tanishkaa Patranabish, Deputy Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra Vishwamitra State of Vishwamitra Dame 22 March 2021
Wilhelm, Emperor of the North American Confederation  North American Confederation Knight 7 September 2021
Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia Austenasia Empire of Austenasia Knight 7 September 2021
William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark  Empire of Lehmark Knight 7 September 2021
Marie Elisabeth, Empress-Queen of Karnia-Ruthenia Karno-Ruthenian Empire Karno-Ruthenian Empire Dame 7 September 2021
Julian I, Imperial Grand Duke of Lundenwic Lundenwicflag1.png Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Knight 7 September 2021
Hassan IV, Sultan of Harram Harranflag20212.png Sultanate of Harram Knight 7 September 2021
John I, King of Baustralia Baustralia Kingdom of Baustralia Knight 7 September 2021
Tarik I, King of Sabia and Verona Sabia and Verona Kingdom of Sabia and Verona Knight 7 September 2021
Isaiah I, King of Burdette  Kingdom of Burdette Knight 7 September 2021
Guilherme I Ítalo, King of Taslavia  Kingdom of Taslavia Knight 7 September 2021
Christoph II, Archduke of Mimas  Archduchy of Mimas Knight 7 September 2021
Nicholas I, Grand Duke of Flandrensis  Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Knight 7 September 2021
Antônio I, Prince of New Switzerland  Ebenthal Knight 11 November 2021
Jonathan I, King by the Rhine Flag of New Southern Rhine (2021).svg Independent State of the New Southern Rhine Knight 2 December 2021
Marie-Philippe I, Neugravine of Saint-Castin  Newgraviate of Saint-Castin Dame 16 February 2022
Carlo, Prince of Nossia Flag of Nossia.svg Principality of Nossia Knight 16 February 2022
Benjamin I, King of Roschfallen Roschfallen flag.2022.png Kingdom of Roschfallen Knight 16 February 2022
Bruno I, King of the Hanseatics Achsen Hanseatic and Confederate States of Achsen Knight 5 July 2022
Prince Pedro Henrique of Ebenthal Ebenthal Kingdom of Ebenthal Knight 5 July 2022
Prince Theo of Ebenthal Ebenthal Kingdom of Ebenthal Knight 5 July 2022
Cloe, Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia Sancratosia Principality of Sancratosia Dame 5 July 2022


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