Prince Pedro Henrique of Ebenthal

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Prince Pedro Henrique
Prince of Ebenthal
Born21 February 2007 (2007-02-21) (age 17)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Pedro Henrique Bruyn von Neusche
FatherWilhelm von Neusche
MotherPrincess Camila of Ebenthal
Military career
Service/branch Royal Cyber Corps
Years of active service2022–present
Rank Alferes

Prince Pedro Henrique of Ebenthal (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 21 February 2007) is a Prince of Ebenthal, being a first cousin once removed of King Arthur II.

Pedro Henrique is the third child of Princess Camila of Ebenthal and her first son as well as of the German-Brazilian entrepeneur Wilhelm von Neusche, with whom she maintained an affair. Even though his father comes from an aristocratic family, in 2020 the Konkrëse decided that he should be considered product of a morganatic relationship and make official use of the "Bruyn" surname in order to continue to be regarded as a Prince of Ebenthal.

Even though he carry no official obligations as a distant Prince of Ebenthal, in March 2022 he swore the Ebenthali constitution and engaged in the Ebenthal's royal affairs, looking up to be appointed to some non-political position in the administrative structure of the country. He also joined the Royal Reserve Force's Royal Cyber Corps as an Alferes.


Early life and education

Pedro Henrique Bruyn von Neusche was born in Rio de Janeiro to Princess Camila of Ebenthal and the Brazilian-born German entrepeneur Paul Wilhelm von Neusche, who has been living between Brazil and Germany his whole life, having met Camila since both lived in the same neighbourhood despite the distinct social difference of both. Although Wilhelm came from an aristocratic German family, Wilhelm and Camilla's relationship was considered morganatic, and in order to assume official responsibilities in Ebenthal, Pedro Henrique was required to make perpetual use of the surname "Bruyn" before the "von Neusche " according to the precedence of their families of origin, the House of Bruyn being a reigning house.

Pedro Henrique attended elementary schools in public schools in Brazil, and upon entering high school he was approved at Colégio Pedro II, one of the most prestigious high schools in Brazil, where he currently studies. He is also a skater and volleyball player, and has participated in violin lessons.

Unlike most members of the House of Brum, Pedro Henrique was not raised Catholic, being raised Episcopalian by his mother who converted after marrying. The prince was, however, baptized in both the Catholic and Lutheran Churches, his father's religion.

Princely duties

In 3 March 2022, Prince Pedro Henrique contacted his cousin King Arthur II to ask him to take an active part in the political day-to-day of the Ebenthali royalty. On the 6 March he swore the constitution before the two chambers of the Konkrëse gathered in extra session. Pedro Henrique joined the Royal Reserve Force and was integrated into the Royal Cyber Corps as an alferes, responsible for monitoring Ebenthal's virtually stored data. The prince also asked his cousin to take up a post in the national administrative hierarchy; although the law prohibits members of the Royal Family from holding political office, commissioned positions are free. On 1 May 2022 Prince Pedro Henrique was officially appointed as a Special Diplomatic Agent.

Political endeavour

Reportedly, since August 2022 Prince Pedro Henrique has been in contact with various politicians involved in the creation of the New Democratic Party, allegedly desiring to join the party. According to intelligence agents from the Royal Cyber Corps, since Prince Pedro assumed his princely responsibilities, he "has been striving to try to exert political influence, looking for loopholes or an enabling environment". The Prince's role in the party, however, is constitutionally vetoed, as Princes of the Royal House are legally prohibited from taking over political offices.

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Prince Pedro Henrique
Reference styleHis Royal Highness
Spoken styleYour Royal Highness
Alternative styleSire

Titles and styles

  • 29 December 2019 – present: His Royal Highness Prince Pedro Henrique of Ebenthal


National honours

As the Prince of Ebenthal, Pedro Henrique is a recipient of the following orders: