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Flag of Rotenberg
Official seal of Rotenberg
Virtus Javary
The Javary's Virtue
Country Ebenthal
RegionNorthern Hills
Settled22 May 2022
Inc. Ebenthal18 February 2024
 • TypeExecutive-led devolved administration
 • Chief ExecutiveNivea van der Bruyn
 • Total0.6 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
 • Total2 (permanent)
 • Rank11th
Time zoneUTC−3
Postal Code (CEP)
Area code+55 24
HDI (2022)0.834 very high

Rotenberg , officially Municipality of Rotenberg (Portuguese: Município de Rotenbergue) is one of the eight municipalities of Ebenthal. Landlocked by the Brazilian municipality of Miguel Pereira, Rotenberg is the seventh administrative division by size at 0.6 km², but it is the least populated in Ebenthal, with only 2 inhabitants. Likewise, it is the newest administrative division of Ebenthal, having been established in conjunction with the enactment of the Ebenthaler Constitution of 2024. Rotenberg is governed by an assembly-independent executive-led devolved government led by a Chief Executive appointed by the King of Ebenthal according to the municipality's parliamentary representation.

Until the beginning of the 18th century, the territory of Rotenberg was inhabited by Puris Indians. In 1770, the region was soon incorporated into the sesmaria of Paty dos Alferes and settled by Portuguese who sought to expand coffee cultivation in the southeastern region of colonial Brazil. After Brazilian independence in the early 19th century, in 1857 the region of Rotenberg became part of the municipality of Vassouras, and only one hundred years later, in 1956, the region was emancipated in the form of the municipality of Miguel Pereira. In 2022 Princess Nivea of ​​Ebenthal, grandmother of Princess Emmanuela, the first Ebenthaler-born citizen, was appointed Secretary of the Civil Household to Miguel Pereira and acquired residence in the city. However, it was not until 2024, through an agreement with her cousin King Arthur II of Ebenthal, that Nivea ceded sovereignty over her house to the Ebenthaler state. The municipality of Rotenberg was formalized with the promulgation of the Ebenthaler Constitution of 2024 on 18 February and Princess Nivea was appointed its first Chief Executive.


The name "Rotenberg" is of German origin and can be broken down etymologically into the word roten, from rom the Old High German rot, which means "red", and the Germann toponymy berg, which means "mountain". Therefore, "Rotenberg" essentially means "Red Mountain". This name is after the red-coloured trees which dot the local mountains.