Constitution of Ebenthal

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Constitution of the
Kingdom of Ebenthal
Created 08 October 2014
Ratified 08 October 2014
Authors Conclave of Ebenthal
Signers Arthur I, King of Ebenthal
Henrique Heinrich, Grand Vizier of Ebenthal
Éric de Pádua, First Lord of Ebenthal
Pedro Reis, Seneschal of Ebenthal

The Constitution of Ebenthal (Portuguese: Constituição de Ebenthal) is the fundamental law of the Kingdom of Ebenthal. It is the foundation and source of the legal authority underlying the existence of Ebenthal and the federal government of Ebenthal. It provides the framework for the organization of the Ebenthali Government and for the relationship of the federal government to the federative unites, to citizens, and to all people within Ebenthal.

It's draft was terminated in 08 October 2014 and officialy adopted that same day, after almost two months of Ebenthali independence, in a rush to organize the state. Since then, the constitution has sufferend invariable chanegs through Aditional Acts perpetrated either by the sovereign or the cabinet with the monarch's royal assent.

Written in Portuguese, the constitution was mostly based on the ones of the Kingdom of Portugall and the Empire of Brazil, both drafted by the Emperor-King Pedro I & IV, and it contains more than 3000 words.



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