Ministry of Economy (Ebenthal)

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Ministry of State for Economy
Agency overview
Formed11 August 2014
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Ebenthal
Minister responsible
Parent agencyExecutive Council of Ebenthal
Child agency

The Ministry of State for Economy (Portuguese: Ministério de Estado para Economia), is a ministerial department of Ebenthal responsible for conducting the country's economic, fiscal and financial policies, as well as manage the government budget. The ministry is headed by the Minister of Economy who is appointed by the Archchancellor of Ebenthal.


The Ministry of Economy oversees the drafting of laws on taxation and state economic interpretation, the development, regulation and control of economics, and it manages the national funds and financial and economic system. The Ministry also manages the country's monetary policy through its subsidiary agency, the Bank of Ebenthal, whose president is appointed by the minister of the day. The ministry sets the inflation target which the bank must set interest rates to meet. In addition, the officeholder also represents Ebenthal on the Micronational Trade Organization. The Minister of Economy sets the Departmental Expenditure Limits, thus managing the ministerial budgets. One part of the Minister of Economy's key roles involves the framing of the annual year budget. Ebenthal's fiscal year ends on the 5th of January.