Cabinet of Ebenthal

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The Cabinet of Ebenthal (Portuguese: Gabinete de Ebenthal) is the collective decision-making body of His Most Gracious Majesty's Government of the Kingdom of Ebenthal, composed by the ministers plus the Seneschal of the Tribune of Truth and headed by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the sovereign among the members of the major party or coalition in government, who in turns appoints the government ministries of which are currently six. The Prime Minister oversees the work of the cabinet and co-ordinates the works of the ministries. The Prime Minister can submit the creation of a new ministry to parliamentary approval. The monarch can't appoint ministries but he can dismiss them individually and dissolve the cabinet at his will.

From 2016 the Seneschal of Ebenthal became a member of the cabinet as the highest judicial authority much like a Minister of Justice.

The cabinet

The current cabinet is composed of:

  • Prime Minister: responsible to oversees and co-ordinates the works of the cabinet.
  • Seneschal of the Tribune of Truth: responsible to rule over matters concerning the application and interpretation of the law.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: responsible for the international relations of the realm; represent the country internationally, elaborate and sign all kinds of documents to or from the foreign, advise the sovereign on international matters, create and extinguish embassies and consulates, appoint and fire abassadors and consuls.
  • Ministry of Commerce and Public Works: responsible to deal with all of the country's financial affairs and provide the country's needed infrasctructure; pass along the finances to the Premier to redistribution.
  • Ministry of War: responsible to oversees over the country's defenses, either technical, financial or human, deal with military allies and enemies; administrate all duties related to the armed forces.
  • Ministry of Culture and Education: responsible to promote and oversees over the education and cultural management of the Ebenthali citizens and administrate the country's educational system.
  • Ministry of Information and Propaganda: responsible to promote the country and take care of it's means of communication; creates and administrate wesites, internal and external media, propaganda, provide and maintain means of communication.
  • Ministry of the Kingdom: responsible to administrate the day-to-day affairs of the kingdom and prosecute on it's behalf.
  • Ministry of Science and Technology: responsible for carry out the country's scientific projects and oversees its technology.

The shadow cabinet

  • Dark Lord of the Conclave: responsible to oversees and co-ordinates the works of the shadow cabinet and scrutinize the Prime Minister's actions and make counterpoints.
  • Shadow Justiciar: responsible to scrutinize the Seneschal's actions and make counterpoints.
  • Shadow Ministries: responsible to scrutinize the work of each correspondent ministry and make counterpoints.

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