Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ebenthal)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros de Ebenthal.png
Agency overview
Formed11 August 2014
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Ebenthal
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Portuguese: Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros) is a ministerial department of Ebenthal responsible for conduct the country's international relations and foreign policy. The ministry is headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is formally appointed by the Prime Minister of Ebenthal. Nevertheless, the Sovereign exerts a high influence on the choice of the foreign minister, often being directly responsible for it.

The office was the first ministerial agency established when Ebenthal became independent on 11 August 2014, and its native name was inspired by the Empire of Brazil's foreing office, which was Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiro (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), as opposed to the Federative Republic of Brazil's Ministério de Relações Exteriores (Ministry of External Relations). Historically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the most important and active of all ministerial offices. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is officially located in Altenburg (despite the minister exercising his function without definitive location).

List of ministers

It follows a list of ministers since the beggining of King Arthur II's reign.

No. Name Portrait Office Party Prime Minister
I The Count of Balten 27 September
16 January
Moderate Party The Marquis of Savaßi
The Duke of Sternachten
II The Duchess of Montana Countess of Lorencia.jpg 16 January
8 September
Independent The Duke of Sternachten
Prince Fernando
The Duchess of Frumar
Concurrently serving as Minister of the Interior
III Matteo Lucattini Matteo Lucattini.png 8 September
present Moderate Party Henri Sãens

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