Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ebenthal)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros de Ebenthal.png
Agency overview
Formed11 August 2014
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Ebenthal
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Portuguese: Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros) is a ministerial department of Ebenthal responsible for conduct the country's diplomatic relations and foreign policy. The ministry is headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is freely appointed by the Prime Minister of Ebenthal, independent of parties. The current minister is Mr. Matteo Lucattini, the first commoner to hold office in the history of Ebenthal.

The office native name was inspired by the Empire of Brazil's, which was Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiro (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), instead of the Federative Republic of Brazil's Ministério de Relações Exteriores (Ministry of External Relations). Historically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the most important and active of all ministerial offices. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is officially located in Gillisburgh (despite the minister exercising his function without definitive location)


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was founded in 11 August 2014, being the first ministerial office created. Its first minister, the former Count of the Hidden Mound, was to this day the only minister to have ever been appointed by the King for office, although many following ministers had been suggested by the King to his Prime Minister.

During the reign of High King Arthur I, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has played a major role in establishing the country's international relations. At first, Ebenthal was quite an isolationist micronation, closed in itself and relationing with the former NationStates-originated micronations of which it was part. Following the Ebenthali Civil War, in 2017, under new direction by the Baron of Rist, the country adopted an universal diplomatic policy, moved away from its closer friendly micronations as they got inactive and started its promotion into the international scenario.

When High King Mateus I came to power, though, the ministry lost all its power, as the monarch was a stauncher centralizer. Following his deposition and the ascension of Arthur II to the throne, the ministry was reformed and given back its powers and responsabilities. Nonetheless, the new King takes personal interest in the country's foreign affairs and, being constitutionally the supreme authority on this area, he frequently frustrates the ministry and overshadow its minister, who often perform a much more cerimonial and investigative duty, overseeing over what the monarch appoints it to and signing what is requested.

List of ministers

It follows a list of ministers since the beggining of King Arthur II's reign.

No. Name Portrait Office Party Sovereign
I The Count of Ardo [[File:|80px]] 27 September
16 January
Moderate Party The Duke of Sion
Arthur II
II Luísa Somme, 2nd Duchess of Montana Countess of Lorencia.jpg 16 January
8 September
Independent Arthur II
Also Minister of the Kingdom
III Matteo Lucattini [[File:|80px]] 8 September
present Moderate Party Arthur II

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