Tribune of Truth

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Tribune of Truth
Tribuna da Verdade (Portuguese)
Veritas et Iustitia aut Mortem
Established1 December 2014
Jurisdiction Ebenthal
CompositionSupreme court
Authorized byKing of Ebenthal
Seats1 Seneschal
4 Truchsess
IncumbentThe Count of Gesetzhausen
Since1 December 2014

The Tribune of Truth (Portuguese: Tribuna da Verdade) is the supreme court of the Kingdom of Ebenthal, serving primarily as the country's constitutional court. It is the highest court of law in Ebenthal for constitutional and central issues and its rulings cannot be appealed. Its members are directly appointed by the King of Ebenthal, while their leader, the Seneschal, must as well be confirmed by the Konkrëse in order to take office.

The Tribune of Truth is historically the most traditional of the Ebenthali institutions, unaltered from its establishment. Lord Pedro Reis, 1st Count of Gesetzhausen, has been serving as the Seneschal since the court's foundation.


Upon Ebenthal's foundation in 11 August 2014, the country lacked an official court and relyed on High King's words as source of justice until the promulgation the the country's constitution that year on 8th October which created the Supreme Court of Ebenthal composed of three appointed minister-judges which, according to the institution's guide, should rank higher than a Count on the the Ebenthali peerage.

Working for a a little more than a month, the internal structure was criticized by the Conclave lords for prioritize nobility ranking over knowledge of law, to which the King agreed, thus, dissolving the Supreme Court and passing a Royal Decree, the first of his reign, creating the Tribune of Truth in 1st December 2014. The name was decided as an inspiration to "invoke the truth in law and as law" as said by Arthur I. The Royal Decree creating the new judicial institution was upheld by the Conclave in a unanimously won votation session and entered the constitution in the form of an ammendment whilst the Tribune was being recognized as the country's highest judicial authority.


The tribune is composed by five members: four Truchsess (from Latim: sat in front of truth) which are headed by a Seneschal (from Latim: oldest public servant). They are all appointed by the King to serve life-tenures terms, while the Seneschal need parliamentary confirmation to take office. All legal matters are discussed among the five of them whereas the Seneschal has the final word.

While the Tribune of Truth is the highest judicial authority in Ebenthal, it's leader, the Seneschal, fulfill a double-role acting as head of the institution and virtually as a minister of justice, hence the inexistence of this office in Ebenthal's ministerial cabinet.

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