Pedro Reis, Count of Iustitia

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The Count of Iustitia
Pedro Reis.png
Count Pedro in 2019.
Seneschal of the Tribune of Truth
Assumed office
1 December 2014
MonarchArthur I
Mateus I
Arthur II
Preceded byOffice established
Personal details
Pedro Watson Reis da Cruz

6 August 1994 (1994-08-06) (age 26)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
CitizenshipFlag of Ebenthal (2021).png Ebenthali
Nationality125px-Flag of Brazil.svg.png Brazilian
Alma materEstácio de Sá University

Pedro Reis, Count of Iustitia (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 6 August 1994) is the first and to the date only Seneschal of the Tribune of Truth, the supreme court of the Kingdom of Ebenthal, originially appointed to the office by High King Arthur I in 1st December 2014 and re-appointed several times by the following two monarchs. He is the longest officeholder in Ebenthali history.

Active in Ebenthali micronationalism since the beggining, he played a major role in Ebenthali history. In 2017 he was the main responsible for the sentence of the rebels who fought the legalist forces during the Ebenthali Civil War, sentencing them to death by drowning on acid - the first time the cpaital sentence came in hand (despite being commuted to banishment). In 2019 during the Mateusian Crisis Pedro, along with his brother Nícollas Reis, Duke of Launceston, pressured the Lords of the Conclave and the Truchsess of the Tribune to depose High King Mateus I, effectively puting an end in the 5-years reign of the House of Beato. He also appointed Raphael Sousa as Ebenthal's Regent during the interregnum between September and December 2019.

He was made Count of Iustitia in December 2014 and since then he has refused to take higher titles such as Marquis and Duke. Pedro is a member of the Reis Dynasty, a powerful Ebenthali noble family whose five micronationalist members have dominated the Ebenthali political scene at least until early 2020, when the new King, Arthur II, consolidates his centralizing reign.


Early life and education

Pedro Reis was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to a spiritist family knwon at the Rio de Janeiro micronational cluster as the Reis Dynasty, which rose to the prominence of being one of the most powerful families in Ebenthal. He is brother to Nícollas Reis, Duke of Launceston and cousin to André Reis, former Count of Balgass and Lord of the Conclave for Arturia. From 1997 to 2011 he attended the Gama Filho School, one of the most traditional schools of Rio de Janeiro's northern district, being son of a professor of mathematics there. In 2013 he joined the Estácio de Sá University, doing the law course and graduating in 2017. He also attended English and German courses, graduating on the first and abbandoning the latter.


In 2018 Pedro applied for work in a administration firm, but was also offered a job with a group of novice lawyers, both in Rio de Janeiro. At first Pedro took the two jobs, but when it became too much for him to handle, he dropped the administation job in late 2019, coinciding with the Mateusian Crisis and the interregnum, to which he was dealing with on his micronational affairs, apart from his lifetime job. Following a 1-year experience with novice lawyers, in 2020 Pedro was hired by a law firm and settled a few clients exclusive of him.


Always interested in geopolitical games such as Europa Universalis and Victoria II, Pedro eventually joined the Nation States, where he met the future High King Arthur I of Ebenthal, as well as the future King Arthur I of Roschfallen and others. From there, his micronational activity began, putting his knowledge of law into work, and he served as an Inquisitor in Roschfallen. When Ebenthal was proclaimed independent, Pedro at first remained in side of Roschfallen but eventually changed and was named Seneschal of Ebenthal, the head of that realm's judiciary branch, in 1st December 2014.

Mateusian Crisis

When the Mateusian Crisis broke out in July 2019, as Seneschal, Pedro insisted on enforcing the law despite of High King Mateus I's orders. When the monarch issued two authoritarian decrees virtually removing power from the Conclave and making of himself invulnerable, Pedro warned the Conclave, then headed by the Duke of Guanabara for the Conclave to rule those decrees null as they were unconstitutional, hoping for the matter to be solved politically. Nonetheless the Conclave was ignored by King Mateus who issued new decrees changing the micronation's entire structure to become a personalist autocracy.

In 7 September Pedro went to his brother, then Lord of the Conclave for Arturia, to propose the realization of a joint session uniting the legislative and judiciary branches, what the Duke of Launceston was able to arrange with the Duke of Guanabara. Two other sessions occurred under Pedro's leadership until 18 September when he was finally able to convince the First Lord Tiago, the Duke of Guanabara, to comply with the Tribune of Truth's constitutional decision to call for an ultimatum on the authoritarian High King on behalf of the Conclave. As a result of this, both Tribune and Conclave were dissolved in 20 September, but both houses ignored their official dissolution by King Mateus.

In 27 September, now with ministries and armed forces against him, High King Mateus I was forced to abdicate. Pedro, addressed as Count of Iustitia, ordered the realization of a court session to judge the former monarch and his allies and, on the sentence, declared: "Mr. Mateus Beato Santoro de Sousa, former High King of Ebenthal, has commited the crime of high treason and attempted against the stability of the micronation.".


Following the events of the Mateusian Crisis, the Count of Iustitia was regarded as a hero and was kept in charge, re-appointed officialy by the Regente Raphael Sousa. When Arthur II rose to the throne of Ebenthal, he then again re-appointed Count Pedro for office. As of 2020 he is the longest-serving Ebenthali government official and one of the most respect nobles, having granted and refused the elevation of his noble rank to Marquis and Duke.

Titles, styles and honours

Titles and styles

  • 1 December 2014 – present: His Grace The Count of Iustitia

As Seneschal of the Tribune of Truth, Count Pedro also attends as Your/His Honor.


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