Republican Party (Ebenthal)

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Republican Party
PresidentAlessandro Rosas
Founded3 August 2019
Liberal conservatism
Political positionCenter-right
House of Councillors
1 / 18

The Republican Party (Portuguese: Partido Republicano), also known by its Portuguese initials as PR is an Ebenthaler political party identified as of center-right in the political spectrum. The party was founded by Alessandro Rosas in 2019 during during and as an answer to the Mateusian Crisis. It has as its main goal the establishment of a republic in Ebenthal. Because its core is the change of form of government and not an ideology in itself, the party attracts people of varied political thinking since they are republicans. Another important banner of the party is the defense of confederatism as a form of political organization. The Republican Party had been banned from acting politically in December 2019 and had its registration re-established in March 2021. Despite this, no member of the Republican party has ever served in any government office, which alienates potential new members.


In 3 August 2019, Alessandro Rosas, who had served as Minister of the Interior at the Count of Lahad's Conservative Party's cabinet and he had just been fired for disagreeing with the course the government was taking, as an alternative to what he called "proof of monarchical misrule"; Alessandro, who had been a member of the Conservative Party for just over a year, was openly anti-monarchy and later admitted that he saw the situation as a loophole for the creation of an Republic of Ebenthal. When the party was created, the government refused to grant registration and Alessandro was declared persona non-grata. Nevertheless, due to the circumstance in which most of the political class was against the attitudes of the King and his puppet cabinet, Alessandro's banishment decree was ignored and he continued to act politically in the shadows, recruiting discontents with the monarchy into his party.

When King Mateus I was finally deposed on 27 September ending the Mateusian Crisis, the new Regent of Ebenthal formalized the creation of the Republican Party retroactively to its founding date and nullified the royal decree revoking Alessandro's citizenship. During this period, despite having right-wing and even conservative tendencies, the Republican Party was aligned with the Worker's Party, of democratic tendencies and minority pro-Republican or without objections to republicanism. However, when Arthur II became King of Ebenthal on 29 December, he revoked the Republican Party's registration, officially extinguishing it. Despite everything, just as during the crisis, the party continued to function illegally and supported by the Worker's Party, which, upon assuming government on 8 March 2021, once again legalized the activity of the Republican Party of which it is officially allied.

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