Worker's Party (Ebenthal)

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Worker's Party
PresidentThe Marquis of Liuva
Founded19 November 2014
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
House of Aristocrats
6 / 21
House of Councillors
2 / 14

The Worker's Party (Portuguese: Partido Trabalhista), also known by its Portuguese initials as PT and sometimes referred to as Partido dos Trabalhadores and Partido do Trabalhador, is an Ebenthali political party ideologically aligned to the left-wing in the political spectrum. The party was founded in awake of Bolsonarism in Brazil which also penetrated into Ebenthal in late 2014. The party's leadership historically claimed the party is a self-critical reflection of its Brazilian almost-namesake, the Workers' Party. The main banners of the party are the expansion of Ebenthali democracy with the implementation of socialist policies and social and structural progressivism.


The Worker's Party was founded in 19 November 2014 to mimick the Brazilian Workers' Party, defending the implementation of progressive social politics. Its populist and proto-lullist characteristics earned the Worker's Party the appointment of the first Prime Minister of Ebenthal (at the time the Grand Vizier). The first Worker's cabinet under the Marquis of Jännerach played a key role in negotiations both for the international recognition of Ebenthal by the Duchy of Axvalley, whose government for a time refused to do so in protest against Ebenthal's Worker's Party's cabinet, and in the negotiations that they ended the Ebenthali Independence War and the ratification of the Treaty of Botafogo.

The consolidation of Ebenthal happened during and long ago because of the Worker's Party cabinet. Despite this, King Arthur I disagreed with the party's radical policies and dissolved his cabinet, appointing a new Conservative cabinet in mid-2015. For the next six years the Worker's Party no longer assumed power but participated in the coalition of Moderate Party government at times, and has always been entirely against Conservative Party policies. During Mateusian Crisis the Worker's Party played an important role in overthrowing the pro-absolutist conservative cabinet, and later in late 2019, when Arthur II became King of Ebenthal and banned the activities of the Republican Party, the Worker's Party protested formally. The party was, however, silenced, under threat of being extinguished if it defended republican ideas.

The Worker's Party returned to power after six years on 8 March 2021 thanks to a coalition agreement signed with the Moderate Party. Since then, together with the democratization of Ebenthal, the party has promoted a series of political reforms.

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