Ebenthali Independence War

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Ebenthali Independence War
Date11 August 2014 - 28 January 2015
Ebenthal, Roschfallen and Brazil
KOEbenthal Flag Test4.png Ebenthal Roschfallen Flag.png Roschfallen
Commanders and leaders
KOEbenthal Flag Test4.png Arthur of Gallar
KOEbenthal Flag Test4.png Pedro Reis
KOEbenthal Flag Test4.png Nícollas Reis
Roschfallen Flag.png Arthur I
KOEbenthal Flag Test4.png 11 Roschfallen Flag.png 8

The Ebenthali Independence War (Portuguese: Guerra da Independência de Ebenthal) was a major conflict between the authorities of Roschfallen and the seccessionist nobles from Gros Morne and Triunphus. The war started when the nobles leaded by Lord Arthur, Duke of Gallar, then High Comissioner of the Department of Gros Morne proclaimed the independence of about half of that department and a third of the city of Triunphus and created the Kingdom of Ebenthal. Conflict resumed in constant movement of civils and military, espionage and online warfare. In ended on the King of Roschfallen's birthday, when he signed the Treaty of Botafogo of mutual recognition between those micronations.



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