Pact of Malmünd

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Pact of Malmünd
Formation10 August 2022; 15 months ago (2022-08-10)
TypeMilitary alliance
PurposeCollective security
Brazilian sector

The Pact of Malmünd (Portuguese: Pacto de Malmünd), originally called Pact of Altenburg, is a trilateral security pact between Ebenthal, Karnia-Ruthenia and Quinta Velha. Under the Pact, acceding countries will assist each other in military, intelligence and counterintelligence matters, such as territorial and civilian defense and asset protection, and in acquiring equipment and know-how in cyberwarfare. It is named after Malmünd, capital of Ebenthal and formerly called Altenburg, where the Pact was ratified by representatives of the adherent nations. The Pact was announced on 10 August 2022, months after the Xingu Affair in which the states adhering to the Pact acted in defense of their Conference of Santiago (CS) ally in the context of Santiago-Mansean Conflict. Nevertheless, the covenant was formalized in response to a wave of cyber-attacks suffered by Ebenthal and Karnia-Ruthenia.[1][2]


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