High Magistrate of Ebenthal

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High Magistrate of Tribune of Truth
The Count of Orbester

since 1 December 2014
StyleThe Most Worthy
AppointerThe King of Ebenthal
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Inaugural holderThe Count of Orbester
Formation1 December 2014

The High Magistrate (Portuguese: Alto Magistrado) is the head of the judiciary of Ebenthal and chief justice of the Tribune of Truth, the country's supreme and only court. He presides over the court sessions, represents the tribune before the Monarch and the Konkrëse, and de facto acts as Ministry of Justice as a member of the Executive Council of Ebenthal. Despite his specific duties as a representative of the judiciary, the High Magistrate is a primus inter pares among his Magistrate peers.


According to Constitution of Ebenthal, the Lord Adjudicator is entitled to:

  • To represent the Tribune of Truth.
  • To summon and chair the meetings of the Tribune of Truth, deciding the ties with a vote of quality.
  • To establish the agenda of the meetings of the Tribune of Truth.
  • To propose to the Tribune of Truth any issue it deems appropriate regarding their competence.
  • To propose the appointment of the truchsess in charge of giving judgment to Tribune to prepare the resolution of a matter.
  • To authorize with its signature the agreements of the Tribune of Truth.
  • To establish and run the Tribune of Truth Press Office.
  • To order the carrying out of giving sentences.


The Lord Adjudicator is appointed at the Sovereign's discretion among the five Adjudicators that compose the Tribune of Truth court. However, to enter in force, the appointment must be ratified by the Konkrëse. Provided that the appointee wins the approval of the parliament, they take an oath of loyalty to the Crown and the Constitution and only then assumes the office of Lord Adjudicator. If the parliament decline the Sovereign's appointment, the Monarch proceeds to appoints another member for the position. If the appointee be rejected again, then the task to appoint a Lord Adjudicator falls to the House of Aristocrats.