2016 Brazilian invasion of Ebenthal

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2016 Brazilian invasion of Ebenthal
Date13 May – 10 October 2016

Ebenthaler victory

  • Disputed territory formally annexed to New Gallar
 Ebenthal  Brazil
Commanders and leaders
Ebenthal Arthur I
New Switzerland Antônio I
w:Brazil Rogério Cabral
Ebenthal Unknown w:Brazil 9

The 2016 Brazilian invasion of Ebenthal (Portuguese: Invasão brasileira de Ebenthal de 2018), also known as Ebenthaler-Brazilian War was a major conflict between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Kingdom of Ebenthal over disputed lands. The conflict begun over a 60m² uninhabited plot of land in the now-former Ebenthaler city of New Gallar which was claimed by the municipal government of the Brazilian city of Nova Friburgo. In order to ensure its ownership over the land, the Government of the Ebenthaler Principality of New Switzerland declared that the disputed territory was a non-integrated territory of the city and presented a 1943 demarcation of property as evidence. The government of Nova Friburgo promptly rejected the document presented as evidence claiming that it was invalid due to the lack of modern official recognition, as the documment dates back to 73 years prior. Soon after, the Nova Friburgo City Hall ordered the demolition of a work that had been erected in the disputed territory without prior notice, which caused the Government of Ebenthal to declare war on Brazil. The conflict lasted for several months, with Brazilian agents trying to penetrate Ebenthali territory without success, while simultaneously being sued in the Brazilian justice system. The state of war came to an end when a Brazilian court declared that the documents proving ownership over the territory to the Government of Ebenthal, precisely because they were old, were not required to comply with modern forms of official recognition, having been recognized in accordance with the laws in force at the time and duly registered, thus declaring that the territory was part of New Gallar and not Nova Friburgo.