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Flag of Lüttenhausen
Official seal of Lüttenhausen
Ad Astra Per Aspera
Through adversity, to the star
Country Ebenthal
RegionNorthern Hills
Inc. Ebenthal6 April 2015
Monarchy end5 February 2022
Dismembered1 January 2023
 • TypeExecutive-led devolved administration
 • Chief ExecutiveFernando dos Santos
 • Total0.4 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
 • Total4 (permanent)
 • Rank10th
Time zoneUTC−3
Postal Code (CEP)
Area code+55 24
HDI (2022)0.879 very high (TBD)

Lüttenhausen (German pronunciation: [lˈytənhˌa͡ʊzən]), officialy Municipality of Lüttenhausen (Portuguese: Município de Lüttenhausen) is one of the eight municipalites of Ebenthal. With only 4 permanent residents across its 0.4 km², it is the second least populous Ebenthaler administrative division. Landlocked by the Brazilian municipality of Itatiaia, the Lüttenhausen is the most geographically elevated subdivision of Ebenthal, at over 1,500 meters in altitude, and the only region in the country with snowfall records apart from the condominium of Austral.It is administered through an assembly-independent executive-led devolved government by a Chief Executive appointed by King of Ebenthal according to the municipality's parliamentary representation.

The Lüttenhausian territory historically served as route for inland Amerindians to reach the Atlantic coast. Despite the beginning of Portuguese colonization in the surrounding area, the Lüttenhausen region remained deserted until the mid-17th century, when Brazilian gold rush gave rise to the first local settlements, eventually becoming the Brazilian municipality from Itatiaia. At the beginning of the second half of the 20th century, members of the Toledo dos Santos family, from Juiz de Fora, went to work at Itatiaia National Park. Years later, in 2015, the children of the first Toledo natives of Itatiaia proclaimed the separation of their family's properties from Brazil and their accession to the newly established secessionist state of Ebenthal. Initially the Toledo family estate formed the Principality of Schwarzberg, over which the Toledo family reigned until 2022, when the Ebenthal subnational monarchies were abolished and converted into provinces. In 2023 the eastern portion of the then province of Schwarzberg was separated and formed the new province of Grünhufe. Finally in 2024 the Redivision Act completely restructured Ebenthal's model of administrative divisions and effectively merged the Schwarzberger settlements of Nebelgipfel and Lüttenhausen into a single municipality, converting the province into the municipality under its current name.

Due to its unique topography and climate in Ebenthal, Lüttenhausen is considered one of the country's top tourist destinations. Ih thouses Mount Schwarzenadel, at 1,155 meters high,, and the Royal Rupestrian Park, the largest nature reserve in all Ebenthal. However, the municipality's main source of income comes from knowledge intensive services. Historically Lüttenhausen is a conservative stronghold, sometimes holding more radical positions in its conservatism than New Switzerland, a special administrative region with which successive Lüttenhausian governments maintain a long-standing alliance.


"Lüttenhausen" is the combination of two German toponyms lütten, which stands for small, and hausen, which means house; hence "small house". Although the combination of two toponymic suffixes is not grammatically correct, the name was adopted for aesthetic reasons; he makes reference to the old property of the Toledo family, a small cottage that was eventually razed to make way for the current, much larger family residence.