Orders, decorations, and medals of Ebenthal

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The Orders, decorations, and medals of Ebenthal covers those decorations awarded by the King in name of the state. The Ebenthali honors system goes back to 2014 with the establishment of the Order of the Swiss Prince by the Prince of New Switzerland.

The Ebenthali honours system is a means of rewarding individuals' personal bravery, achievement or service to the Kingdom and consists of three types of award: honours and decorations, such as titles and order, in recgonition to merit in terms of deeds, achievements and services to the country; and medals, to recognise bravery, long and/or valuable service and/or good conduct.

As the head of state, the King remains the fons honorum.

Current orders

Order of the Silver Cat
Ordem do Gato de Prata
Grand Cross GCGP Order of the Silver Cat - Ribbon.svg 29 December 2019 Patientia superbia mentis operationem
Patience and pride, intelligence and action
Highest dynastic order in Ebenthal, conferred at the monarch's will, normally to reward individuals for exceptionally meritorious achievements and valuable personal characteristics.
Commander COGP
Official OGP
Knight/Dame CGP/DGP
Order of the Swiss Prince
Ordem do Príncipe Suíço
Grand Cross GCPS Order of the Swiss Prince (Ebenthal) - ribbon.svg 14 December 2014 Deus misereátur gentem hanc
May God have mercy on this nation
Second highest chivalric order in Ebenthal, given at the monarch's pleasure and will.
Commander COPS
Official OPS
Knight/Dame CPS/DPS
Order of Dagon
Ordem de Dagon
Knight/Dame OED Order of Dagon - ribbon.svg 26 January 2020 h’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
At his house in R'lyeh, Cthulhu, dead, awaits dreaming
Dynastic order, conferred at the pleasure of the monarch for civil merit.
Order of the Blue Blood
Ordem do Sangue Azul
Grand Cross GCSA Order of the Blue Blood - Ribbon.svg 26 January 2016 Homem como poucos, Príncipe como nenhum
Man like few, Prince like none.
Dynastic order, exclusively reserved for royalties and conferred at the sovereign's pleasure.
Commander COSA
Official OSA
Knight/Dame CSA/DSA
Order of Lady Mary
Ordem de Dona Maria
Dame DDM Order of Lady Mary ribbon.png 2019 Femina devotionem, femina retributionem
Feminine devotion, feminine retribution
Dynastic order, conferred for personal services of women to the crown.
Royal Ebenthali Order
Real Ordem Ebentálica
Knight/Dame ROE Royal Ebenthali Order - ribbon.svg 2020 Vivre et laisser vivree
Live and let live
National order, conferred only upon foreign heads of state. Granted immediately upon the establishing of diplomatic relations with Ebenthal to the head of state of a nation.

Former orders

Other decorations

As the 'fountain of honour' in Ebenthal, the King has the sole right of conferring all titles of honour, including titles of nobility, knighthoods and gallantry awards. In absence of the monarch, the regent can use those same powers. There are five common ranks of hereditary nobility in Ebenthal, and they are Prince, Duke, Marquis, Count and Baron. Along with these, the title of Archduke it is foreseen in the codes of the nobility, but it is a very rare conference. Most of these titles are normally given only to nationals, but it can be was given to foreigners.

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