Order of Pedro II

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Most Noble Order of Pedro II
Awarded by the King of Ebenthal
TypeDynastic order
Established17 August 2021
MottoAo Magnânimo Imperador do Brasil
To the Magnanimous Emperor of Brazil
Awarded forAt His Majesty's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterKing Arthur II
First induction2021
Total inductees22
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Order of the Blue Blood
EquivalentOrder of the Silver Cat

The Order of Pedro II, officially called Most Noble Order of Pedro II, The Magnanimous, Emperor of Brazil (Portuguese: Nobilíssima Ordem de Pedro II, o Magnânimo, Imperador do Brasil) is one of the two most senior national and dynastic order of knighthood in Ebenthal's honour system. Founded in 2021, the order is dedicated to the image of Pedro II, the last Emperor of Brazil, father to one of Ebenthal's patron saint, Blessed Isabel of Brazil.

The Order of Pedro II was established as a dynastic order of the House of Bruyn attached to the national pantheon of orders and awards sharing its position of highest honour with the national Order of the Silver Cat. Appointments are at the sovereign's sole discretion, and are usually in recognition of a national contribution, for public service, or for personal service to the sovereign. Membership of the order is unlimited and supernumerary.

The order's emblem is an effigy of Emperor Pedro II of Brazil in a golden Maltese cross over a silver diagonal piece. Its motto is, in Portuguese, a dedication to the person of Pedro II, Ao Magnânimo Imperador do Brasil (from Protuguese: "To the Magnanimous Emperor of Brazil").



In the Empire of Brazil, in 1826, it was created the Order of Pedro I after the country's third monarch and first constitutional emperor, Pedro I. He was ultimately succeeded by his son, the Emperor Pedro II, who reigned for the next 58 years. Inheriting a country on the verge of disintegration, Pedro II turned Brazil into a developed country and an emerging power in the international arena. When the Emperor completed 60 years in 1885, there were talks of establishing a chivalric order after him, but he refused believing all money and efforts which would be dedicated to the creation of such an order would be better used in fighting slavery.

61 years after his death, in 1953, Pedro Gastão, Prince of Brazil, founded the Order of Isabel the Redemptress, Pedro II's daughter and his grandmother. Inspired by such, in 2018 the to-be King Arthur II of Ebenthal thought on establishing the "order that lacks between Pedro I and Isabel I", the Order of Pedro II. The ideia, however, was never carried out.


By early 2021 King Arthur II of Ebenthal made public that he thought of recreate the Ebenthali system of honours because "the orders felt disconnected from the nation". The thought was nonetheless stalled specially because of the trouble it would give to carry it out, specially regarding the extinction of the Order of the Silver Cat, the country's highest award by then. In talks with the country's former Regent Raphael Sousa, the King was ultimatelly convinced of the need to extinguish the Order of Dagon (and create a substitute for it), to rebrand the Order of the Swiss Prince and perhaps to create the Order of Pedro II, either extinguishing or rebranding the Silver Cat.

On 17 August 2021 King Arthur decided for the creation of the Order of Pedro II, advised by his Privy Council, and issued a decree of creation of the order which entered in force in 20 August, effectively creating the order.



Membership in the order is unlimited and it includes the Monarch and the Prince of Bruges respectively as Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. The Monarch alone can grant membership at his own pleasure, meaning it has no requirements for a person to be inducted a member of the order. Male members of the order are titled "Knights of Emperor Pedro II on behalf of the King of Ebenthal", and female members are called "Ladies of Emperor Pedro II on behalf of the King of Ebenthal".

Supernumerary members

In addition, the Order of Pedro II includes supernumerary members, who do not count towards the list of regular members. Supernumerary members enjoy of the same title and precedence as any regular member and are usually members of the Ebenthali Royal Family, but also members of related royal families (such as the Harranian Sultanic Family). The supernumerarity principle was inspired by the British Order of the Garter's.

Precedence and privileges

Members of this order are assigned positions in the order of precedence, ranking above all others members of equal rankings of whichever orders. Consorts, children and children-in-law also feature on the order of precedence; other relatives of members, however, are not assigned any special precedence. Generally, individuals can derive precedence from their parents or consorts as long as the recipient lives.

All members ot the order are entitled to the prefixes of "Sir" and "Ma'am". When an individual is entitled to use multiple post-nominal letters, the ones of the order (PII for both Knights and Dames) takes precedence. All recipients may encircle their arms with the circlet of the order.

Since the approval of Law No. 4/2020 on 24 February 2020, all members of the order disposes from the same right entitled to parliamentaries and ministries to require a privy audience with the Monarch, a privilege enjoyed firstly solely by the members of the Order of the Silver Cat.

Investiture and installation

When any new members of the Order of Pedro II are due for installation, an investiture ceremony is due to be held in the Throne Room of the Kings Palace and to be attended by all members of the order wearing its collar, sash and badge on which two senion knights of the order assist the Sovereign by placing the collar of the order around the neck of the new knight and in the fastening of the riband about the body of the new knight and in the adjustment of the mantle. Nonetheless, due to the factual impossibility of this realization (for many different reasons), the investiture happens in a much more modest way through the conferring of a letter-patent accompanied by a letter from the King and an owath to be sworn by the new members. The new members have in turn to sent the King a signed letter confirming that they sworn the oath to the order in order for their appointment to be regularized at the Royal Office of Nobility and Knighthood.

Insignia and habit

  • The collar of the Order is in gold, consists of baroque chain adorned by platine "PII" monograms. The insignia hangs from a gold and diamond royal crown.
  • The badge of the Order is a small round portrait of Emperor Pedro II of Brazil encased in a gold teutonic cross which is circled by laudels, all this over a silver piece. The badge hangs from a gold and diamon crown.
  • The star of the Order is
  • The ribbon of the Order is a dark pink with a golden yeallow "PII" monogram on its center.

Members of the order

Grand Master

Name Grand Master and Sovereign as Period
Arthur II King of Ebenthal 20 August 2021 – present

Knights and Dames

Name Nation Date appointed Office when awarded
Oscar I of Karnia-Ruthenia[1]  Karnia-Ruthenia 7 September 2021 1st Emperor of Karnia-Ruthenia
Lucas, Prince of Woesntein[1]  Mauritia 7 September 2021 1st Stadhouder of Mauritia
Flávio of Reunion[1] Reunion 7 September 2021 Emperor-Regent of Reunion
Dhrubajyoti Roy[1]  Vishwamitra 7 September 2021 2nd Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra
Nicholas I of Flandrensis[1]  Flandrensis 7 September 2021 1sr Grand Duke of Flandrensis
Maria I of Sildavia[1]  Sildavia 7 September 2021 1st Queen of Sildavia
Tarik I of Sabia and Verona[1]  Sabia and Verona 7 September 2021 3rd King of Sabia and Verona
Jonathan I of New Southern Rhine[1] New Southern Rhine 7 September 2021 1st King by the Rhine
Thomas I of Quinta Velha[1]  Quinta Velha 7 September 2021 1st King of Quinta Velha
John, King of Baustralia[1]  Baustralia 7 September 2021 1st King of Baustralia
Casey Pemberton[1] Delvera 7 September 2021 2nd Consul of Delvera
Hannah Callahan[1] Delvera 7 September 2021 3rd President of Delvera
Marco Antonio Rino[1]  Rino Island 7 September 2021 9th President of Rino Island
Tomáš Falešník[1]  Gymnasium State 7 September 2021 3rd Secretary of the UMCE
Luísa Somme[1]  Ebenthal 7 September 2021 Minister of Foreign Affairs
Henri Sãens[1]  Ebenthal 7 September 2021 Minister of Culture and Education
Raphael Sousa[1]  Ebenthal 7 September 2021 Ministry of the Interior
William Lehman I of Lehmark  Lehmark 12 October 2021 1st Emperor of Lehmark
Prince Antônio Scherer New Southern Rhine 11 November 2021 1st Archsteward of New Southern Rhine
Anna Macco  North Barchant 2 December 2021 Queen of North Barchant
Dylan Callahan  Karnia-Ruthenia 16 February 2022 Minister of Finances
Dominic Desaintes  Saint-Castin 16 February 2022 Minister-President of Saint-Castin
João I, Prince of Noronha Noronha 16 February 2022 1st Prince of Noronha

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