New Democrats (Ebenthal)

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New Democrats
PresidentThe Duchess of Frumar
Founded13 September 2022
Nordic model
Social liberalism
Green politics
Political positionCenter to center-left
House of Councillors
5 / 18

The New Democrats (Portuguese: Novos Democratas), formerly called New Democratic Party and known by its Portuguese initials as ND, is a left-leaning centrist Ebenthaler political party. The party was founded as a big tent party, encouraging a broad spectrum of views among its members in order to become the decisive centrist party in the formation of government coalitions, distinguishing itself from the Moderate Party, which they considered undemocratic and very liberal, and breaking with the Worker's Party whose ideological views they considered limited.


The New Democrats was founded on 13 September 2022 by Lady Gabriela Amorim, 1st Duchess of Frumar, following her resignation as President of the Worker's Party, as a response to the fragility of the Moderate Party and the weakness of the Worker's Party, with the aim of becoming the main decisive party for the formation of governments, encompassing politicians with different, but not necessarily conflicting or divisive, ideological views, of different political spectrums.

At the time of its creation, its president, the Duchess of Frumar, was able to attract many Moderate politicians, unhappy with the policy of the Prime Minister Henri Sãens, ending with an absolute majority of Moderates in parliament and effectively destroying the Moderate government with Henri resigning amid a no-confidence motion against him. Rising extremely quickly as a major party, albeit still smaller than all others except the Republican Party, the New Moderates struck a deal with the leadership of the Conservative Party and formed a coalition in order to permanently remove the weakened Moderates from power. Faced with the popularity of the New Democrats and their greater number of seats in the House of Councillors, the president of the party was asked to form a new government but declined the invitation, suggesting instead vice president, the Swedish-born politician Rupert Ruschel, 1st Baron of Sommerlath, who became the first Prime Minister in history of non-Brazilian origin.

With the adoption of the two-party system in early 2023, the New Democrats absorbed all Worker's Party members plus a few other Moderate politicians and became the center party to the national centre-left in opposition to the National Party.

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