Rupert Ruschel, 1st Baron of Sommerlath

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The Baron of Sommerlath
File:Rupert stockholm jobb mars 2022.png
14th Prime Minister of Ebenthal
In office
5 December 2022 – 12 April 2023
Preceded byHenri Sãens
Succeeded byHenri Sãens
Member of the House of Aristocrats
Assumed office
14 August 2022
Personal details
Born11 May 2000 (2000-05-11) (age 24)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Citizenship Ebenthali
Nationality Swedish
Political partyNew Democratic Party (until 2023)
Swedish Party
Alma materUniversity of Gothenburg
University of Munich
ProfessionInternationalist, Translator

Lord Rupert Ruschel, 1st Baron of Sommerlath (Gothenburg, Sweden, 11 May 2000) is a Swedish-born Ebenthali politician who served as the 14th Prime Minister of Ebenthal, being the first Ebenthali politician of non-Brazilian origin to take the office. An internationalist graduated on exchange between the universities of Gothenburg and Munich, Rupert became a micronationalist politician through contact with Lady Louise Somme, 1st Duchess of Zerrenthin, having been created 1st Baron of Sommerlath and appointed a member of the House of Aristocrats, the upper house of the Ebenthal parliament, the Konkrëse. Initially independent, Rupert intended to create the Nordic Party to represent the Swedish minority, but ended up joining the newly formed New Democratic Party. As part of a compromise between the leadership of the New Democratic and the Conservative parties, Rupert was appointed vice-president of the party and, following the refusal of the president Gabriela Amorim, 1st Duchess of Guterfolg in forming a new cabinet, Rupert was formally inducted as Prime Minister. Nonetheless, after a little more than four months in power he resigned his position in order to establish the Swedish Party, breaking the New Democratic Party's majority in parliament.


Early life and education

Rupert was born in Gothenburg, Kingdom of Sweden, in 2000 into a middle-class family. In his teens, interested in geopolitics, Rupert was president of the student council at his high school and served on a UN simulation project as a "representative of Estonia." In 2017 he joined the University of Gothenburg as a student of international relations. In 2019, halfway through his degree, Rupert participated in his college's exchange program, completing his studies at the University of Munich in Germany in 2021. After his training, he returned to Sweden, where he got a job as a junior translator at an international consulting firm. Native speaker of Swedish, Rupert is proficient in Danish, Norwergian, English , German and French.


Politically, Ruppert considers himself a social democrat and a pan-Scandinavist, advocating not only cooperation but the integration of Scandinavia in a single country.

After meeting Lady Louise Somme, 1st Duchess of Zerrenthin at university in Munich, Rupert was invited to become a citizen of Ebenthal; he applied for citizenship in 2021. In 2022, however, he was finally convinced by Luísa to become a politician in the South American micronational state. Diverging, however, from Louise's conservative posture and with little knowledge of the members of the other Ebenthali parties, Rupert acted as an independent politician and consultant to the House of Aristocrats, to which he was appointed as a member by the King Arthur II after a personal request made to him by Louise, on 14 August 2022. To assume his post in the upper house of the Ebenthali parliament, Rupert was created 3rd Duke of Ambarino, reviving the dormant noble title of greatest use of the country's history.Nonetheless, he was later created Baron of Sommerlath as the Monarch abolished the Duke of Ambarino title amid the 2023 Ebenthali nobility reformation.

Member of the Aristocrats

In the House of Aristocrats as an Independent, Rupert sought to meet his peers, as well as members of the lower house, and to attract people from his home country to become citizens of Ebenthal, which he did with limited success. On 17 October Rupert passed his first bill, introduced directly into the Aristocrats, making the Swedish language, natively spoken by 3% of Ebenthal's population, a minority language formally recognized by the state. For this he based himself on the 2022 census, published 3 months earlier, and argued that the language was the 5th most spoken in the country and that as the 5th largest national ethno-linguistic group, the Swedes needed representation in the State.

After his first success, Rupert attempted to create the so-called Nordic Party with the intention of representing the Scandinavian and Germanic-European population. However, despite his efforts to attract the attention of Ebenthali citizens of Scandinavian origin to national politics, Rupert failed and was increasingly pressured by the then Lady Speaker of the House of Aristocrats, his friend, the Duchess of Zerrenthin, to join a political party in the midst of the reforms that that representative chamber was going through. On 3 November 2022 Rupert joined the newly founded centrist New Democratic Party, chaired by his friend's rival, Lady Gabriela Amorim, 1st Duchess of Guterfolg.

Prime minister

Although new to micronationalist politics, Rupert was able to prove his worth through his actions as an independent in the House of Aristocrats, which aroused the attention of the Duchess of Guterfolg, who sought, among people of opposing ideologies, a neutral figure to counterbalance her leadership in the New Democratic Party. Accordingly, she invited Rupert to be Vice-President of the party, in what she intended to be only a nominal position. However, with the fall of the cabinet of the former Prime Minister Henri Sãens and the coalition formed between the New Democrats and the Conservatives that together formed the majority, the New Democrats were called to form the government. Guterfolg, however, wary of her position as president of a young party with conflicting elements, refused to take over as head of a new cabinet. The King then appointed his deputy, Rupert, as Prime Minister on 5 December 2022, becoming the first head of government to come from the New Democratic Party, as well as the first of Scandinavian origin and the first non-Brazilian.

Rupert's political career skyrocketed from its inception. However, since taking office, he has been criticized for his foreign origin and was accused of being a puppet to the Duchess of Guterfol. Willing to show his independent stance, on 11 December, just a week into his rule, he issued his first decree expressly prohibiting statements about his national and ethnic origin, based on the Penal Code of Ebenthal and breaking Guterfolg's declaration, made in the founding of the New Democratic Party, that her party would not seek censorship amid criticism "as the Workers and Conservatives do", as she said.


As an Ebenthali politician, Rupert shall be addressed as The Most Worthy. He subsequently is a member of the following orders: