Conservative Party (Ebenthal)

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Conservative Party
PresidentPrince Fernando
Founded20 September 2014
HeadquartersMaldras, Schwarzberg
IdeologyPaternalistic conservatism
Nationalist conservatism
Political positionRight-wing
House of Aristocrats
6 / 21
House of Councillors
3 / 14

The Conservative Party (Portuguese: Partido Conservador), also known by its Portuguese initials as PC, is an Ebenthali political party. Ideologically the party is considered to be righ-wing in the political spectrum. The party was founded by Nilo Moreira, the Count of the Hidden Mound, as a centralizing and paternalist party. It is the party that has remained in power for the longest time in Ebenthal.


The Conservative Party was founded by Lord Nilo Moreira in 20 September 2014, being Ebenthal's second party. Initially, the party mainly defended social conservatism and was economically divided between classical liberalism and libertarianism. Intrinsically nationalist, Nilo and the conservative party throughout the period in which he exercised his presidency defended that Ebenthal should be an absolute monarchy and an unitary state based on Christian moral principles. Every advance, however, made towards the realization of this last part, even during the term of conservative cabinets, was frustrated by King Arthur I.

When Nilo caused the Ebenthali Civil War in 2017 by attempting a coup d'etat and proclaiming himself King, the Conservative Party had a sudden drop in popularity and for the next two years the Moderate Party assumed power. Nevertheless, the Conservative Party was in power at times during this period on the allied basis of the Moderate Party against the Worker's Party and the Progressive Party.

The Conservative Party returned to power in June 2019 when former Prime Minister André Falconière of the Moderate Party was sacked by King Mateus I who replaced him with the Count of Lahad amidst the Mateusian Crisis. At that time most conservatives supported Mateus I's actions against College of Peers of the Realm and the Tribune of Truth. With the deposition of Matthew on September 27, 2019, the Tribune of Truth named Raphael Sousa, the President of the Moderate Party, as Regent of Ebenthal, bringing an end to the already disbanded Conservative cabinet. Conservatives would only return to power in mid-2018 with the resignation of Raphael Sousa, who had been appointed Prime Minister, and the rise of the popular Prince Fernando of Negromonte to office.

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