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Fernando Toledo
11th Prime Minister of Ebenthal
In office
29 June 2020 – 8 March 2021
MonarchArthur II
Preceded byThe Duke of Aureanburgh
Succeeded byThe Duchess of Guterfolg
Minister of War
In office
14 January 2019 – 8 March 2021
Prime MinisterHimself
Preceded byThe Count of Ivrea
Succeeded byThe Count of Goethe
Member of the House of Aristocrats
In office
30 October 2015
(as member of the College of Peers) – 23 July 2023
Member of the Ducal Diet
Assumed office
9 February 2023
Personal details
Born14 May 1995 (1995-05-14) (age 28)
Itatiaia, Brazil
Citizenship Ebenthali
Nationality Brazilian
Political partyConservative Party (2016–2022)
National Party (in Ebenthal)
Popular Party (in Marienbourg)
SpouseMarina Dias
Military service
Allegiance Ebenthal
Branch/serviceRoyal Army
Years of service2016–2021
RankField Marshal

Fernando Toledo (Itatiaia, Brazil, 14 May 1995), formerly known as Prince Fernando of Schwarzberg, is a Brazilian-born conservative Ebenthali and Marienbourgish politician. He served as the 11th Prime Minister of Ebenthal,[1] Minister of War, member of the House of Aristocrats and Crown Prince of Schwarzberg, as heir to his brother Prince Hugo IV until the abolition of the Schwarzbergen monarchy. From July 2016 he has continuously been the Marshal of the Realm, i.e., the nominal head of the Ebenthali military, and from February 2023 he has been a member of the Ducal Diet of Marienbourg.

Through his mother, Princess Flávia of Ebenthal, Fernando is a first cousin once-removed to Arthur van der Bruyn, King of Ebenthal and Duke of Marienbourg. As he did not inherited his mother's title, he wasn't barred from take political office in Ebenthal. A stauncher conservative, Fernando's micronational political career began in Roschfallen. Following the Ebenthali Independence War, he joined the Ebenthali Army and was made into the country's second ever Marshal before resignifying the office. He joined the Conservative Party, by which he served twice as Minister of War and was appointed Prime Minister. He later joined the Conservative's de facto successor National Party and also joined Marienbourgish politics as a member of the Popular Party.


Early life and education

Fernando was born in Itatiaia, a town high in the mountains south of the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, as the older of three sons and a daughter of Mr. Fernando Toledo dos Santos to Princess Flávia of Ebenthal, daughter of Princess Neide of Ebenthal, sister to King Arthur II's father, Armando, 5th Baron of Roches. His father was born in Juiz de Fora, in the state of Minas Gerais, but, once graduated in nuclear engeneering, he went to work at the Resende Nuclear Fuel Factory, living in the next municipality of Itatiaia where eventually he acquired a house.

Growing up Fernando was matriculated at the Adventist School in Rio de Janeiro, moving with his mother to complete his education at the city while his father worked away. He attended this school from kindergarten to high school (1998-2012). After graduation he spent two years studying for the National High School Exam aiming to enter the University of São Paulo to attend what is considered the better architecture course in Latin America, finally entering in 2015. He graduated as a bachelor in 2019. On that same year he started a course to do a public exam to become a public worker. Approved, he began his work in January 2020.


From a young age, Fernando has expressed his desire to be an architect. He started at his first job as an Starbucks attendant at the Barra Shopping in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 16, in 2011. He eventually was promoted to assistent manager in 2014. After move to São Paulo to attend the university, he started a job as an officeboy at the cabinet of the famous Brazilian politician Luiza Erundina. In 2017 he was made one of her accessors and stayed at this job until the completion of the university. Choosing to return to Rio, he left the job and, seeking stability, he attended public exam to work at the secretariat of transportation in Rio, to which he was approved in November 2019. He started his new job in January 2020 as a secretary to the secretariat's public sector. Nonetheless, he still calls himself an architect and hopes to work on the area.

Micronational politics

Early activities

Fernando's younger brother, Hugo de Toledo, has been active in micronationalism since 2014, serving as Prince of Schwarzberg under the name of Hugo IV since the beggining of 2019. In due time, is became impossible for Fernando to ignore his brother's activities and, as a fan of military rites, he joined the then Princely Army of Roschfallen. Following his brother's departure from Roschfallen to the breakaway Kingdom of Ebenthal, he joined the Royal Ebenthali Army as an officer helping the country on it's independence war. He was then recognized as a Prince of Negromonte as older brother to that federative unit's reigning Prince and his apparent heir. Politized, he joined the Conservative Party buy was never appointed for any legislative or executive role, nonetheless he spoke several times to the parliament members of his and the Army's opinions on several matters, raising a concern on King Arthur I of the army's role in the country's politics. In 2015, he was appointed Minister of War by the Premier Count of Aldamir, and then again by the Marquis of Savaßi in 2019 before the Mateusian Crisis. On his first miniterial term, Fernando supplied North Bakasaria with his military knowledge during the Bakasarian War, which left a stain on him, as for North Bakasaria was a fascist state of nazi inspiration. This stain was later strenghened by his soft political positioning against the Arabic Empire during the Ebenthali Civil War. Seen as a nazi sympathizer, his public image faded until the Mateusian Crisis, when he was among the first military to take action against the autocratic government of King Mateus I, despite the then Minister of War Raphael Sousa, 1st Duke of Aureanburgh orders to remain on guard. Fernando voted for the execution of former Grand Vizier Count of Lahad and former King Mateus I, as well as for the banishment of the Duke of Grünewald and the Duke of Aureanburgh, arguing the latter's inaction facing a coup d'état was criminal and much responsible for the country's near-colapse.

Prime Ministership

He was one of the main responsibles for the October Reform Act.

Other ventures

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Prince Fernando
Reference styleHis Highness
Spoken styleYour Highness
Alternative styleSire

Titles and styles

  • 14 May 1995 – 6 November 2014: Mr. Fernando Toledo dos Santos
  • 6 November 2014 – 23 July 2023: His Highness Prince Fernando of Schwarzberg


National honours

Foreign honours


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