Democratic Republic of Bakasaria

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Democratic Republic of Bakasaria
North Bakasaria
Flag of Democratic Republic of Bakasaria
Coat of arms of Democratic Republic of Bakasaria
Coat of arms
CapitalNew Berlin, Korkatistastika
Official languagesGerman
Demonym(s)North Bakasarian
• President
Johny Hauge
• Census
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Bakasarian Reich

The Democratic Republic of Bakasaria also known as North Bakasaria in the South Bakasaria and Korkatistastika locally, was a micronation claiming sovereignty over Bakasaria. It united with South Bakasaria, to form the Bakasarian Reich after defeating them in the Bakasarian War.


Bakasarian War

In early 2013, border clashes began between North Bakasaria and South Bakasaria, with South Bakasaria responsible. In reaction, North Bakasaria invaded South Bakasaria, taking the South Bakasarian capital Lenindorf in October 27, 2013. In April 2014, North Bakasaria finally took control of New Frankfurt after fierce fighting which left 3 soilders from both sides injured. Fighting stopped on the 22nd of July, 2014 when North Bakasaria finally annexed South Bakasaria. This conflict however caused the so-called "National Liberation War of Bakasaria".


After unification, the territory that was formerly North Bakasaria became the Autonomous Region of Korkatistastika. The capital New Berlin is located in Korkatistastika.

Foreign Affairs