National Liberation War of Bakasaria

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National Liberation War of Bakasaria
Part of the aftermath of the Bakasarian War
DateSeptember 1st 2014


  • Temporary ceasefire
South Bakasarria.png Exiled Communist Government
Supported by:
Republic of Smithville Flag.png Smithville
Bakasarian Fascist Flag.png Bakasarian Reich
Commanders and leaders
South Bakasarria.png Jochem Walter Bakasarian Fascist Flag.png Johny Hauge
South Bakasarria.png TBA Bakasarian Fascist Flag.png TBA

The National Liberation War of Bakasaria, also known as simply the National Liberation War or the South Bakasarian War of Independence is an ongoing conflict between the Communist government in exile and the Bakasarian Reich.

Peace Talks

The government of the Bakasarian Reich is planning peace talks with the communist rebels and government of Smithville (which supports the Communist government in exile).