Bakasarian government-in-exile

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Bakasaria In Exile
South Bakasarria.pngFlag,

France and Germany
Capital city Stalindorf
Largest city East new Berlin
Official language(s) English, French, German
Official religion(s) Atheist
Short name Bakasaria
Demonym Bakasarian
Government Government-in-exile
- Comerade Jochem Walter
Population 4
Patron saint Stalin
Bakasaria -in-exile, also known as the "true" bakasaria, the Anti-Fascist Resistance or the Gaylord Army by the Reich,[5] was the faction of the former Bakasaria that still remained loyal to Jochem Walter,The Exiles portrayed themselves as freedom fighters while the Reich, especially Jochem Haugue, labeled them as terrorists.