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Marienbourgish Aerospace Research Institute and Agency (MARIA)
Agency overview
Formed2 March 2023
TypeSpace agency
JurisdictionHSH Government
MottoSemper Supra
Primary spaceportsChamp d'Oranges Cosmodrome
Owner Marienbourg
Annual budgetTo be calculated

The Marienbourgish Aerospace Research Institute and Agency (Portuguese: Instituto e Agência de Pesquisa Aeroespacial Marienburguês), known by its English acronymn MARIA, is an independent space agency and research institute of Marienbourg responsible for the country's space program and space research. MARIA's headquarters are in Pomerade, next to its only spaceport, the Champ d'Oranges Cosmodrome. The institution, formed on 2 March 2023, represents Marienbourg in all matters and negotiations regarding the space and has as the main objective of its program the encouragement of the study of astronomy, cosmology, physics and astrobiology.


Since its establishment, MARIA directs the Marienbourgish space program especially to the fields of research about the potential habitability of celestial bodies in the Milky Way and to theoretical studies about extraterrestrial life. The surveys are conducted by lay people in the subject, but following precepts of scientific thinking. Much of Marienbourg's special research is done in partnership with other space agencies, in particular Ebenthal's ESRI. MARIA researchers have also partnered with NASA to detect asteroids through their public participation asteroid monitoring program.

Observatory and equipment

MARIA currently manages the Ducal Observatory in Orangenbäume. The agency has a powerful astronomical telescope Bosma MAKA 2002400 used for observation missions of deep space and monitoring of asteroids in the space neighborhood. The institution, through an agreement with ESRI, has access to the facilities of the Royal Observatory and the Nebensee Observatory, which have three more telescopes. In addition, MARIA has a designated spaceport, although there has not yet been any launches.