Ministry of Social Affairs (Marienbourg)

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Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of the Crown overview
Formed9 January 2023
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Marienbourg
HeadquartersHotel d'Oeste, Blauberga
Minister responsible
  • Jean Laudie, Minister of Social Affairs

The Ministry of Social Affairs, officially The Duke's Ministry of Social Affairs (Portuguese: Ministério do Duque de Assuntos Sociais), sometimes referred to as Social Ministry, is a ministerial department of Marienbourg responsible for assisting members of society and formulate policies and guidelines to promote the human rights, welfare, healthcare standarts, education and culture. The ministry is headed by the Minister of Social Affairs who is formally appointed by the Minister-President of Marienbourg. It is the ministry with the greatest number of attributions.


According to government explanations, the Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for establish and manage the welfare, labor, healthcare and education policies, promote culture and provide assistance to citizens and foreigners in the national territory.

List of ministers

No. Name Portrait Office Party Minister-President
I Jean Laudie 1 February
present Popular Party Gustave Lynch

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