Ministry of Home Affairs (Marienbourg)

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Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of the Crown overview
Formed9 January 2023
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Marienbourg
HeadquartersHotel d'Oeste, Blauberga
Minister responsible
  • Alison Braz, Minister of Home Affair
Child agencies
  • Registry Bureau
  • Secretariat of Sciences
  • Secretariat of Security
  • Secretariat of Environment

The Ministry of Home Affairs, officially The Duke's Minister for Home Affairs (Portuguese: Ministério do Duque para Negócios Domésticos), often called Interior Ministry, is a ministerial department of Marienbourg responsible for administrating the day-to-day internal affairs, particularly public security, emergency management, civil registration and identification, supervision of regional and local governments, conduct of polls ans censuses, public administration and immigration matters. The ministry is led by the Minister of Home Affairs, also called Home Minister, who is appointed by the Minister-President. The Ministry of Home Affairs is the most active ministry and considered the council of ministers's most prestigious office.


According to government explanations, the Ministry of Home Affairs is responsible for law enforcement, matters of national security, issues concerning immigration such as citizens registration, oversight of security and intelligence services, conducting surveys and censuses, resource management in science and technology, environmental matters and public works. Part of these functions are exercised indirectly through secretariats that work under the supervision of the ministry, such as the Secretariats for Science, Safety and the Environment and the Registry Bureau. The secretariats are largely autonomous but respond to the authority of the ministry, which in turn directly assumes more generalist competences such as administrative and supervisory matters.

List of ministers

No. Name Portrait Office Party Minister-President
I Alison Braz 2 February 2023 present Popular Party Gustave Lynch

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