Guilherme Wünsch

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Guilherme Wünsch
Lord President of the Council of State
Assumed office
9 February 2023
MonarchArthur I
Preceded byOffice established
Member of the Ducal Diet
Assumed office
9 February 2023
Member of the House of Councillors
In office
26 February 2023 – 30 July 2023
Minister-President of Outer Pomerania
In office
17 May 2022 – 30 October 2022
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byOffice abbandoned
Personal details
Born11 November 2005 (2005-11-11) (age 18)
Dreizehnlinden, Brazil
Citizenship Marienbourgish
Nationality Brazilian
Political partyPopular Party (Marienbourg)
National Party (Ebenthal)
Alma materBlumenau University

Guilherme Wünsch (Dreizehnlinden, Brazil, 11 November 2005) is a Brazilian-born Marienbourgish and Ebenthali politician. He was also the first and only Minister-President of Outer Pomerania, a micronational state that sought to promote the East Pomeranian culture of South America. A student of letters, Guilherme became a micronationalist politician at the invitation of Arthur van der Bruyn in 2022, being appointed to the position of Head of the Provisional Government of Outer Pomerania, which failed to form a state structure. He later founded the big-tent Popular Party and was elected representative of Blauberga in the Ducal Diet of Marienbourg. His resurgence on the South American micronational political scene prompted invitations, such as the one made by Antônio I, Prince of New Switzerland, for him to join the National Party of Ebenthal, which he accepted. On 19 February 2023 Wilhelm launched his candidacy to represent the Ebenthali province of Grünhufe in the House of Councillors, being elected without dispute with 100% of the votes and taking his seat in the chamber down of parliament on 26 February.


Early life and education

Guilherme was born in Dreizehnlinden, Brazil, to a German-Brazilian family natural from Domingos Martins, in the state of Espírito Santo, who had moved to the state of Santa Catarina in search of better quality of life and job opportunities. He grew up a native speaker of both Portuguese and East Pomeranian. In 2023 he joined the language course in Portuguese and German at Blumenau University. Guilherme also claims to be proficient in English.


Outer Pomerania

Before becoming a micronationalist politician, Guilherme was already familiar with micronationalism through Arthur van der Bruyn, whom he met on Facebook in language study groups for minority and endangered languages of extinction. In March 2022 Arthur invited Guilherme to become a micronationalist, assuming the reins of Pommerland, later called Outer Pomerania, a micronation created as part of the Conference of Santiago Derivative Program. At first William agreed, but would only take office when the micronation succeeded in naming a King. The throne was offered to the Brazilian micronationalist Dirlei Dias, who entered the formal discussions for the establishment of the micronation. Therefore, on May 17, Guilherme assumed the position of Minister-President and Acting Regent of Outer Pomerania. Over the next few months however, Dirlei grew increasingly disinterested in the Outerpomeranian government and ultimately refused to take part and effectively assume the throne of that country. The Conference of Santiago moved on, leaving the fate of Outer Pomerania entirely in the hands of Guilherme who, despite not resigning his post, abandoned his duties on 30 October 2022 and the micronation fell into inactivity.

Marienbourg and Ebenthal

Following the foundation and independence of the Duchy of Marienbourg, Guilherme was invited, like many others, to join the politics of that country. Seeking to get more involved with the project, he founded the Popular Party, the big-tent self-labeled centrist party and which was the first in the country, being capable of attracting politicians from different political spectrums. His party soon found itself in competition with the Democratic Union, the center-left party from Ebenthal whose members became involved in the nascent Marienbourgish politics .

Through contact with other Ebenthali politicians, Guilherme met other German-Brazilians like the Scherer brothers Jonathan Scherer, 1st Marquis of Rozandir and Antônio I, Prince of New Switzerland, who invited him to join Ebenthali politics. While on 9 February 2023 Guilherme was elected representative of Blauberga by the Popular Party in the Ducal Diet of Marienbourg, on 19 February he launched his candidacy - the only candidacy - to represent the still new province of Grünhufe in Ebenthal in the House of Councillors, the lower house of the Konkrëse, the parliament of that country, having been elected with 100% of the valid votes on 26 February in special elections as a member of the right-wing-leaning big-tent National Party.


As an Ebenthali politician, Guilherme shall be addressed as The Most Worthy. He subsequently is a member of the following orders:


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