House of Scherer-Arrais

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House of Scherer-Arrais
Country Roschfallen
New Southern Rhine
FounderPrince Antonio by the Rhine
(as princely)
King Jonathan by the Rhine
(as royal)
Current headPrince Antonio by the Rhine
EthnicityGerman Brazilian

The House of Scherer-Arrais (Hunsrik: Haus von Scherer-Arrais; Portuguese Casa de Scherer-Arrais) is a cadet branch of the House of Scherer, a German Brazilian family of German origin which rose to nobility in the Kingdom of Ebenthal, where they hereditary rule over the Principality of New Switzerland, and to royalty, as the royal house of the Independent State of the New Southern Rhine.


The name of the house, "Scherer-Arrais", comes from the combination of the names of two families, the Scherer, from Germany, and the Arrais, from Navarre (Spain). The name "Scherer" has Jewish origin in the Yiddish word Ashkenazic, which is occupational name for a sheep-shearer or someone who used scissors to trim the surface of finished cloth and remove excessive nap; from German Scherer, Yiddish sherer, agent derivatives of Middle High German scheren, "to shear". Arrais, on the other hand, comes from the Arabic Ar-raiç, which means "master of the boat". As a cadet branch of the House of Scherer, the House of Scherer-Arrais gained its name from the marriage between Angela Scherer to Miguel Arrais, forefathers of the house, in 1901.


Micronational history


In 16 February 2014 Antônio Scherer-Arrais joined with his family's lands to the Kingdom of Roschfallen, merging his properties to the Department of Gros Morne. Antônio was made Duke of Scherer and began to dive into the country's politics as they were being established. By July that year he entered in disagreement with the central government and aligned himself with Arthur, 1st Duke of Gallar, the High Commissioner (governor) of the Gros Morne department. In 11 August the Duke of Gallar proclaimed his lands in Gros Morne as independent, on which he was joined by Antônio, subsequently founding the Kingdom of Ebenthal. In 13 August 2014 the newly-proclaimed King Arthur I of Ebenthal transformed Gros Morne into the Principality of New Switzerland and appointed Antônio as the reigning Prince of New Switzerland, reigning ever since.

Upon taking the Neo-Swiss throne, Antônio created his family members as Princes of New Switzerland and instituted an absolute monarchy in the principality. Historically conservatives, some members of the house joined the Conservative Party and became famous politicians, which, over the course of the years, helped to strenghten the House of Scherer-Arrais' influence in the national politics. In 2016 the House of Scherer-Arrais rose to prominence when Brazilian law enforcement forces broke into Neo-Swiss territory reclaiming it or demanding a money compensation. On the occasion, Prince Antônio demanded for the Ebenthali government to recognize the belligerence, thus starting the Ebenthali-Brazilian War, while the Prince-Father of New Switzerland commanded an "elite squad" of five members into defending Ebenthali territory with success. This launched the House of Scherer-Arrais to a level of prestige never before experienced.

In early 2020 more members of the house joined the Ebenthali politics, such as Prince Francisco and Prince Jonathan, who joined the Ebenthali parliament, with Jonathan rosing to the office of Lord Speaker. By 2021 the House of Scherer-Arrais is the most powerful and influent noble house within the Kingdom of Ebenthal, taking down the Reis Dynasty.

New Southern Rhine


The coat of arms of the House of Scherer-Arrais consists of a blue shield with a red and white stripped crowned lion holding a sword and an orb. The type of shield may vary from artist, but the Neo-Rhenish Government has adopted the heater shield on representations of the Royal House and the English shield, as present in the Coat of arms of New Southern Rhine, to represent the country. The arms of the Archsteward, Prince Antônio, are the arms of the House of Scherer-Arrais crossed, from upper left to bottom right, by a white stripe.


The official residence of the King by the Rhine is at the Pomeranian Palace in Barbarossa, in the Independent State of the New Southern Rhine. Despite this, King |Jonathan I of New Southern Rhine resides at the Princely Palace of Braunau in the Principality of New Switzerland, in the Kingdom of Ebenthal. Other royal residences include Schroeder's Palace in the homonymous city on the New Southern Rhine, where the King by the Rhine and Prince of New Switzerland were born, when the territory was still part of Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil. In addition, House of Scherer-Arrais owns many other properties in the Southern Cone region, owning 100% of the territory of the New Southern Rhine, as well as part of the land in Ebenthal.


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House of Scherer-Arrais
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