Jonathan I of the Rhine

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Jonathan I
Marquis of Rozandir
Jonathan Rozandir.png
King by the Rhine
Reign17 January 2021 – present
Heir presumptiveArthur, Prince of Blumenau &Oscar, Prince of Pomerode
Lord Speaker of Ebenthal
Assumed office
29 June 2020
MonarchArthur II
Preceded byNícollas Reis, Duke of Launceston
Peer of the Realm
Assumed office
02 February 2020
MonarchArthur II
Personal details
Nationality125px-Flag of Brazil.svg.png Brazilian
Germany flag.png German
KOEbenthal Flag Test4.png Ebenthali
Political partyConservative Party
Born8 January 1998 (1998-01-08) (age 23)
Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil
Full name
Jonathan Scherer Arrais

Jonathan I, also known as Lord Jonathan, The Marquis of Rozandir, (born Jonathan Scherer Arrais in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil, 8 January 1999) is the 1st King by the Rhine and ex officio the 7th and current Lord Speaker of the College of Peers of the Realm, acting as speaker of the house since his appointment by King Arthur II in 29 June 2020. He has been serving as Peer of the Realm for the Principality of New Switzerland since 2 February 2020.

Jonathan was born in Jaraguá do Sul to a German-Brazilian family, being the younger of three children and fluent in Katarinensisch from birth. His family moved to the highlands of Rio de Janeiro in 2011, settling in Teresópolis first and then in Nova Friburgo.

New in micronationalism, Jonathan expressed his interest first during late 2019 to his brother Antônio, Prince of New Switzerland. He was then invited to join Ebenthal but refused, admitting to be too lazy to learn all about micronationalism and the Brazilian scene of it. In February 2020 he finally accepted an invitation and was made Marquis of Rozandir, joined the Conservative Party of Ebenthal and was named Lord of the Conclave by King Arthur I at the Prince of New Switzerland's request. As an Ebenthali noble and politician, Jonathan proved really skilled, standing for a progressive conservatism. When the Conservative Party assumed the majority of seats at the College of Peers, most members agreed he should be appointed Lord Speaker and asked the monarch for this, to which he agreed. In 17 January 2021 Jonathan accepted an offer to become King of the Independent State of the Rhine.


Early life

Jonathan was born in Jaraguá do Sul, in southern Brazil, on a small family of native German speakers of the Katarinensisch. He has three older brothers, among them, Antônio Scherer Arrais,the Prince of New Switzerland. As his father was born in West Germany, he and his brothers acquired German citizenship at early age. At the age of 10, he moved with his family to Nova Friburgo in the moutain region of Rio de Janeiro, where his mother inherited a property of her deceased and childless brother. The family had already planned to move closer to an important urban center such as Curitiba and São Paulo in order to got available better education and job offers.

At the age of 5 Jonathan begun do karate.


Jonathan joined the biligual Austro-Brazilian Catholic School on his hometown at the age of three, in 2002, growing a native speaker of Portuguese and German, as his family members. When his family moved to Nova Friburgo he joined one of the city's few German schools where he graduated in 2016. In 2018 he joined the Catholic University of Petrópolis studying history.

Besides his formal education, Jonathan also graduated in a English language course and at a edition and a programmer course, both by the SENAC.


Until late 2019 Jonathan never demonstrated interest on micronationalism although he had been well aware of his brother position and had not accepted the title of Prince of New Switzerland nor the position of heir to his brother. As the 2020 begun, Jonathan's interest in politics increased and he wished to join his brother in micronationalism. He joined the conservative and became a Peer of the Realm at the College of Peers of the Realm in February. He voted for the adoption of new national symbols in March and, increasing its friendship with King Arthur II, was one of the greatest supporters on his adoptio of a new "Germanized" flag and arms. In June that year, as the Conservative Party took power, he was appointed by the King as Lord Speaker and has since then presided over the College of Peers. In August he was one of the main supporters of the adoption of the Conferential Doubloon as Ebenthal's official currency. He also suggested, at the October Reform Arct, a change in Ebenthal's nomination system, whereas the King would no longe be responsible for choosing the Lord Speaker of the College of Peers; instead, the party would choose and the monarch would formally appoint the chosen person.

In 15 January 2021, King Arthur II of Ebenthal offered him the throne of the Independent State of the Rhine, a new micronation created by the Conference of Santiago Derivative Program. Following a brief time thinking on the job, Jonathan finally accepted the offer in 17 January, becoming the 1st Rhenish monarch. He formally agreed to cede the sovereignity over his family's propeties to the Rhenish state.

Titles, styles and honours

Titles and styles

  • 2 February 2020 – present: His Mercy The Marquis of Rozandir
  • 17 January 2021 – present: His Majesty The King by the Rhine


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