Democratic Union (Marienbourg)

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Democratic Union
PresidentGabriel Torres
Founded1 February 2023
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Social democracy
Political positionCenter-left to left wing
Ducal Diet
3 / 8

The Democratic Union (Portuguese: União Democrática) is a center-left to left wing political party in Marienbourg that is currently the opposition party. Unlike its opponent in the bipartisan political system of Marienbourg, the Democratic Union is often seen as possessing a solid ideological base based on the ideals of direct democracy, welfare state and socialism.


The Democratic Union was established by Gabriel Torres on 7 February 2023, later than the Popular Party, from a group of left-wing micronationalist ideologues. Despite its success in founding a political party with a solid proposal, the Democratic Union lost the first elections in which it participated, two days after its formal foundation, and assumed the position of opposition party to the government of the Popular Party. At the party's first rally, the founder and president of the party declared that the Democratic Union would be committed to the precepts of socialism of the 21st century.