Ducal Army

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Ducal army
Founded9 January 2023
Service branchesDC Cybernetic Combat
DC Army Aeronauts
Commander-in-ChiefDuke Arthur V
Chief of Staffvacant
Military age14+
ConscriptionNone (volunteer)
Active personnelUndefined
Percent of GDPUndefined
Domestic suppliersAtom Stresser
Foreign suppliers Ebenthal
 European Union
 United States
Germany (1911-1928)

The Ducal Army (Portuguese: Exército Ducal) it is the only extant armed force of Marienbourg. It is a mostly cerimonial volunteer military force officially responsible for defending the Marienbourgish land and for looking after the national interest. The army is under civilian control, with the Duke of Marienbourg serving as its commander-in-chief. The Ministry of Home Affairs's Committee on Military Affairs oversees army operations. In turn, the army is led by a single Marshal who reports primarily to the Committee and the sovereign Duke.


The Ducal Army is headed by a Field Marshal who exercises ex officio the function of Chief of Staff; There can only be one holder of the rank of Field Marshal. The Army is divided into two geographical districts, the 1st Marienbourgish Division in Blauberga and the 2nd Marienbourgish Division, in Pomerade. It is a volunteer army, whereas there is no compulsory conscription, not even during war, although Article 64 of the constitution declares that all Mariebourgers are expected to do as they can to defend the nation; as they are expected, they are not obliged. All civilians, men and women, between the ages of 14 and 80 are eligible to enlist. All enlistees must swear allegiance to the crown.

The Army is under strictly civilian control. Since there is no specific cabinet-level department for defense, the military is under the supervision of the Ministry of Home Affairs through its Committee on Military Affairs. Rank promotions take place in accordance with Army internal regulations, however promotion to the rank of Field Marshal is a function exclusive to the Sovereign upon advice from the Council of State and Ducal Diet approval.

Regular force

Ducal Army's officer uniform

Each of Marienbourg's military divisions, in addition to being responsible for a geographic district, are formed by two brigades each, the Ducal Corps of Cybernetic Combat (DCCC) being a brigade of the 1st Division and the Ducal Corps of Army Aeronauts (DCAA) a brigade of the 2nd Division. The remaining brigades are made up of non-specialized light infantry. Each brigade can be divided into as many battalions as necessary with the approval of its respective brigadier. Outside the Divisions, there is also the Duke's Knights Company, a battalion that plays mainly a ceremonial role and protects the Ducal Family.


The Army Reserve is the reserve element of the Ducal Army and the largest component of the so-called primary reserve, that is, the country's first reserve front line, made up of enlisted volunteers and organized into district regiments, one for each burg of the municipalities that make up the country. Another potential reserve component is state-sanctioned militias, which can be created or earn the state's sanction in extraordinary cases of need for territorial defense.

Military rankings

The officers rankings are as below. Marienbourg maintain the old lusophone names for aspirant, third sergeant and lance corporal, that of alferes, furriel and anspeçada, respectively, as these positions were known in the former Kingdom of Portugal and Empire of Brazil. The rankings are discriminated through the insignia on the shoulder pads of uniforms. The Marienbourgish insignia is an orange blossom, inspired by the national Order of the Orange Blossom. Promotions takes place according to the corporation's internal code. Every military, when transferred from active service to reserve (i.e. reformed), is automatically promoted to the rank immediately above.


NATO equiv. code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
Marienbourg Marienbourg
Brigadier Colonel Lieutenant
Major Captain Lieutenant Alferes

NCO and enlistade grades

NATO equiv. code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer

First Sergeant • Second Sergeant • Furriel • Corporal • Anspeçada • Private


Inherent to its condition as a micronation, Marienbourg does not have any resources that would enable the development of a war industry, and it does not even have a real need to have access to one. As such, the country does not have heavy weapons of any kind or armored and armed transport. However, as most government information is transmitted over the internet, the country is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks, so that the state has sought protection mechanisms abroad, but also offensive ones, to be used in cases of extreme necessity. Shortly after independence, the government of Marienbourg closed an important import contract for cyberweapons from HOIC and ATOM STRESSER with the government of Ebenthal, with which the country shares the monarch in personal union, and which is therefore its most important ally, in addition to contracting Sucuri's virtual data protection services. Even so, considering the very rare hypothesis that the territory of Marienbourg could be violated, the Army has 3 carbines Mauser Tirmax .32 ACP from the years 1913, 1920 and 1928.