House of Bruyn-Carvalho

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House of Bruyn-Carvalho
Country Marienbourg
Parent houseHouse of Bruyn (Officially)
Carvalho family (Enatic)
FounderArthur van der Bruyn
Current headArthur van der Bruyn
EthnicityWhite, Mullato

The House of Bruyn-Carvalho (Portuguese: Casa dos Bruyn-Carvalho; /brˈüɴ/-kɐɾˈvaʎu) is a cadet branch of the House of Bruyn formed through a political agreement with the Carvalho family and is the reigning house of the Duchy of Marienbourg. The cadet branch originates in 2022 when Arthur van der Bruyn, heir to the headship of the House of Bruyn and a member of the Carvalho family on his mother's side, founded Marienbourg on the lands of his maternal family, becoming its first reigning Duke. The Constitution of Marienbourg stipulates that the ducal family is made up of members of the Duke's maternal family under his headship; since he is a member of the House of Bruyn, this family grouping was formally called the House of Bruyn-Carvalho.


The House Bruyn-Carvalho was founded on 26 December 2022. Its origins, however, go back to 1994 when Armando van der Bruyn, 5th Baron of Roches married Marília Carvalho. In 1998 their only child, Arthur van der Bruyn was born. Despite agnatically being a member of the House of Bruyn, having grown up with his mother after his parents' divorce, Arthur has always been very attached to his maternal family, namely the Carvalho. In late 2022, when Arthur founded Marienbourg on the estates of his maternal great-uncles through the Treaty of Conditional Concession of Sovereignty and Foundation of the Duchy Symbol of the National Union and assumed the title of Duke of Marienbourg, the same treaty (and later the Constitution of Marienbourg) dictated that the ducal family was the Carvalho family. However, effectively the reigning house was the House of Bruyn, in the person of Arthur. In order to solve this contradiction and considering that the House of Bruyn, besides Arthur, has no relation with the Carvalho family, let alone with the territories of the duchy ceded by that family, the House of Bruyn in Marienbourg, under Arthur's authority as sovereign Duke, adopted the name House of Bruyn-Carvalho, considering Arthur a full member of the Carvalho family without, however, disregarding him as a member of the House of Bruyn, whereas the Carvalho family has unique and inalienable rights of succession to the Marienbourgish throne which, in so doing it will extinguish the arrangement that established the House of Bruyn-Carvalho.

Estates and properties

The House of Bruyn-Carvalho owns and lives in a series of palaces, castles, houses, apartments and complexes throughout Brazil and in the countries where the family reigns. Among them, there is:


The Marienbourgish ducal family (Portuguese: Família ducal marienburguesa) is the maternal family of the Duke of Marienbourg under his headship. This degree of specificity at the Constitution is intentional due to the circumstances in which the Marienbourgish monarchy was established, through a treaty between Arthur van der Bruyn, ex officio King of Ebenthal, with two of his maternal great-uncles. The members of the Ducal Family embody the Duke's great-uncles and great-aunts and their legitimate descendants. They are:

Extended content
  • Ana I (1889-1958)
    • Geraldo II (1909-1962)
      • Maria III (1933-2014)
        • Marilia IV (1966-2018)
      • Princess Nilza Carvalho (b. 1939)
      • Princess Diva Carvalho (b. 1943)
        • Prince Carlos Carvalho (b. 1973)
          • Prince Henrique Carvalho (b. 2009)
      • Prince António Carvalho (b. 1945)
      • Princess Áurea Carvalho (b. 1946)
      • Princess Alda Carvalho (b. 1947)
        • Princess Cláudia Carvalho (b. 1968)
          • Princess Ana Carolina (b. 2002)
      • Prince Edson Carvalho (b. 1948)
        • Prince Igor Carvalho (b. 1980)
          • Prince Bruno Carvalho (b. 2010)
          • Princess Anna Luisa (b. 2012)
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    House of Bruyn-Carvalho
    Cadet branch of the House of Bruyn
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