Popular Party (Marienbourg)

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Popular Party
PresidentGustave Lynch
Founded1 February 2023
Conservative liberalism
Political positionCenter to center-right
Ducal Diet
5 / 8

The Popular Party (Portuguese: Partido Popular) is a center to center-right political party in Marienbourg that is currently the country's ruling party. The party was founded as a big tent party, assuming a position considered populist by outside observers. Nevertheless, the party is often identified as liberal a more conservative alternative to the Democratic Union in the bipartisan system of Marienbourg.


In the context of the political structuring of Marienbourg, just over a month after its independence, the Popular Party was founded on 1 February 2023 by Gustave Lynch, who would be appointed as the first Minister-President of Marienbourg after the elections that gave the majority of seats on February 9 to the party. Installed in power, only then did the leadership of the party formally define its ideological aspirations and government objectives. The populist strategy to garner members and votes for the party, and its very big tent nature, nevertheless led to its splitting between a conservative group, popularly called the cervas (a corruption of the Portuguese word conserva), and a liberal social group known as the canhotos (literally "lefties").