Daily Duchy

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Daily Duchy
FormatCanadian tabloid
Owner(s)HSH Government
EditorAnonymous Society
Founded2 January 2023; 18 months ago (2023-01-02)
Political alignmentState policy
HeadquartersHotel d'Oeste, Blauberga
WebsiteThe Daily Duchy

The Daily Duchy (Portuguese: Ducado Diário) is a Marienbourgish triweekly newspaper based in Blauerhimmel with nationwide and intermicronational readership. It was founded in February 2023 as an independent agency of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Considered a newspaper of record, the Daily Duchy's administrative and journalistic team works as Anonymous Society. Its publications follow the format of Canadian tabloid, embedded in the government's official website, and are mainly political and cultural events.

As the only newspaper in Marienbourg, the Daily Duchy has a media monopoly. Its team is selected through public tender by the Press and Propaganda Secretariat of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Non-staff can publish in the newspaper upon request and analysis by the Secretariat, while the right to reply, if an article has offended or violated someone's dignity, is guaranteed by law. As freedom of expression is a constitutional guarantee, requests for censorship, including from the government, are analyzed and judged by the Supreme Ducal Court.

The Daily Duchy is the main source of information about government and state affairs in Marienbourg. In addition to accessing it through the official government website, those who wish can receive their reports by email, and the Press and Propaganda Secretariat reportedly plans to create its own domain for the paper before its first anniversary. The paper had a circulation of c. 12~20 readers per publication, which encompasses the politically active population as of late 2023.