Ducal Bank

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Ducal Bank
HeadquartersBlauberga, Marienbourg
Established1 February 2023
Ownership100% state ownership
PresidentPedro Neschling
Central bank of Marienbourg
CurrencyMarienbourgish Thaler
MAT (ISO 4217)
Interest rate target0.5%

The Ducal Bank (Portuguese: Ducal Bank) is the central bank of Marienbourg and the country's only financial institution. Chartered in 2023 under the Constitution, it is responsible for formulating the country's monetary policy and for promoting a safe financial system within Marienbourg. The Ducal Bank is the sole issuing authority of Marienbourgish banknotes, it provides banking services and assets management for the government, and loans to Marienbourgish institutions. The bank is owned by the Government of Marienbourg and it is an autocephalous institution of the Ministry of the Treasury, whose responsible minister appoints the bank's president. Ducal Bank currently has, in addition to its headquarters in Blauberga, an office in Orangenbäume. Even so, most of the institution works virtually.


  1. Worth of c. 0.5 kg of silver in the form of 20 MTT.