Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Marienbourg)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of the Crown overview
Formed9 January 2023
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Marienbourg
HeadquartersHotel d'Oeste, Blauberga
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • The Lord President of the Ducal Diet of the time, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs
Child Ministry of the Crown
  • G5 Executive Office

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, officially The Duke's Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Portuguese: Ministério do Duque para Negócios Estrangeiros), sometimes referred to as Foreign Ministry, is a ministerial department of Marienbourg responsible for conduct the country's international relations and foreign policy. The ministry is headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is formally appointed by the Minister-President of Marienbourg. Nevertheless, the Sovereign exerts a high influence on the choice of the foreign minister, often being directly responsible for it.


According to government explanations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for conduct the foreign relations of the Duchy of Marienbourg towards other sovereign, non-sovereign, public or private states or entities, apply the foreign policy as designed by the Council of Ministers, safeguard the security and national interests of the duchy and supporting Marienbourgish nationals around the world through consular services. The Ministry oversees the government's foreign policy and conducts Marienbourg's international relations with other countries or sovereign entities. This is done both through direct contact and through diplomatic offices such as embassies and consulates. The ministry mainly maintains embassies in countries or regions that are of national interest for various reasons in order to promote its interests and provide support to Marienbourgish citizens. Consulates are maintained as official representations of the government of Marienbourg in places of less relevance to the country's foreign policy; generally, as representation located in countries or regions already served by embassies.

Diplomatic missions

Diplomats are appointed to positions in legations by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who also acts as Head of the Diplomatic Service. For convenience, the Ministry has established the practice of creating embassies in countries or regions of primary interest to the State of Marienbourg, and consulates in areas of secondary interest. As of early June 2023, Marienbourg has no established legation to any sovereign state whether recognized or unrecognized, and has a modest corps of diplomats on hand. However, on 25 May 2023 the Ministry created the G5 Executive Office and appointed a High Commissioner to represent Marienbourg in its relations with the other G5 member states.

List of ministers

No. Name Portrait Office Party Minister-President
I Victor Braz 13 February
present Popular Party Gustave Lynch

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