Coat of arms of Marienbourg

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Coat of arms of Marienbourg
ArmigerArthur van der Bruyn
Adopted9 January 2023
CrestThe ducal crown.
EscutcheonBlue field, seven Cendrée six-pointed stars encircling a barry of eight Orange and Argent crowned Lion Rampant

The Coat of arms of Marienbourg (Portuguese: Brasão de armas de Marienburgo) is a bright blue (Azure) heater shield composed of seven silver (Cendrée) six-pointed stars surrounding a striped crowned Lion Rampant composed of four orange (Orange) stripes interspersing with four white (Argent) stripes. The coat of arms may be surmounted by the Marienbourgish ducal crown.


The colors of the coat of arms have their origin in the Flag of Marienbourg; the blue field represents the thermal waters of Marienbourg and its predecessor, the Brazilian municipality of Poços de Caldas, orange represents the orange plantations of Orangenbäume, that is, the greatest source of national wealth, and white represents peace and purity. The choice of striped colors for the rampant lion was purely aesthetic. The lion rampant, however, is a representation of the "Lion of Limburg", heraldic traditionally red lion usually associated with the regions of Limburg and Luxembourg, in Europe, the latter being the main inspiration for the establishment of Marienbourg.

Other symbols

In addition to the national coat of arms, the counties that form the duchy are typically represented by individual coats of arms. The coat of arms of Blauerhimmel is an English coat of arms divided into six bands interspersed with three with a white bridge over a blue field, three with eleven golden knots over red fields. The Coat of Arms of Orangenbäume is an English coat of arms divided into a golden rectangle on a blue field on which seven golden oranges are present.


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