Victor Braz

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Victor Braz
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
2 February 2023
Prime MinisterGustave Lynch
Preceded byOffice established
Member of the Ducal Diet
Assumed office
9 February 2023
Personal details
Born29 March 1998 (1998-03-29) (age 26)
Salvador, Brazil
Citizenship Marienbourgish
Nationality Brazilian
Political partyPopular Party
Alma materFederal University of Bahia

Victor Braz (Salvador, Brazil, 29 March 1998) is a Brazilian-born Marienbourgish politician and mathematician, member of the Ducal Diet, currently serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is also a mathematics teacher in the private education system in his native Salvador. Victor joined micronational politics at the invitation of Minister-President Gustave Lynch, who appointed him Marienbourg's first Foreign Minister. Since assuming his position, Victor has adopted a cautious foreign policy, initially isolationist, during the period of solidification of the Marienbourgish institutions, and later, gradually opening himself up to forging ties with micronations deemed credible after review by the Council of State. As a parliamentarian, Victor takes a stand mainly in support of the government and rarely speaks outside of foreign policy.


Early life and education

Victor Braz was born in Salvador, capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia, in a middle-class family of Bantu and Portuguese descent. He is the third of five children, and have two older brothers and two younger sisters. Shortly after the birth of his younger sister, his parents divorced and her mother entered into a relationship with another woman, whom she eventually married. After graduating from high school, Victor entered the Federal University of Bahia, graduating with a bachelor's degree in mathematics in 2021. In 2022 he started his master's degree at the same institution.


Right after starting his master's degree, Victor was employed as an assistant teacher at a private school in Salvador, teaching elementary school through 5th grade (in the Brazilian system). After a year in that position, Victor took over as professor of mathematics, teaching the entire elementary school in the school and, occasionally, replacing the professor of secondary education.


On 2 February 2023, the day after he was appointed acting Minister-President of Marienbourg, Gustave Lynch appointed Victor, who had joined the Popular Party, as Minister of Foreign Affairs. According to both, Victor's appointment, specifically, was due to his eloquence and proficiency in both English and French, which is the diplomatic language officially used in Marienbourg. On February 9, exactly one week after becoming Minister, Victor was elected a Member of the Ducal Diet by Pomerade.

In agreement with Gustave, Victor outlined a foreign policy marked by isolationism, in the first months of his term. Marienbourg's relations were limited to the micronations of the Conference of Santiago, with which the country has difficulty approaching due to its Monarch, Arthur V, being ex officio King of Ebenthal and having been Secretary-General of the Conference of Santiago. After ensuring Marienbourg's recognition among what he considers to be the main Brazilian micronations, and, confirming the solidity of Marienbourg's institutions, in early July Victor presented the Diet with a new foreign policy developed in partnership with the Council of State by which the country would seek the establishment of diplomatic relations with micronations beyond the Brazilian sector and only with those approved, after analysis, by the Councilors of State, that is, micronations that the Council of State State believes they have well-structured, stable and credible governments.

In early June, the Popular Party began its campaign for the August 9 election. Initially, the party's conservative faction, dissatisfied with Minister-President Gustave Lynch's policies, which they accuse of being too social democratic, intended to replace him with his deputy and natural successor, Guilherme Wünsch, seen as a moderate right-leaning alternative. The liberal faction of the Populars, however, reacted very negatively to the idea of replacing Lynch in the government, and suggested that they would not accept Lynch's replacement by a Conservative, but that they would be willing to negotiate. Fernando Toledo, leader of the conservative faction, suggested the name of Victor Braz as a compromise between the party's factions, as Victor was seen as a neutral figure due to his apparent disinterest on matters other than foreign policy on his parliamentary activity.


As an Marienbourgish politician, Victor shall be addressed as The Most Worthy. He subsequently is a member of the following orders:


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