Prince William of Marienbourg

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Prince William
Prince of Marienbourg
William, 2023.
Born23 July 1968 (1968-07-23) (age 56)
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
SpouseAdriane Ribeiro
IssuePrincess Anna
William Carvalho
FatherPrincess Nilza of Marienbourg
MotherSebastião de Sousa
ReligionRoman Catholicism
OccupationManager, Administators

Prince William of Marienbourg (Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 23 July 1968) is a Prince of Marienbourg and member of the House of Bruyn-Carvalho. He is the son of Princess Nilza of Marienbourg and her husband, Sebastião de Sousa, and a first cousin once-removed of Duke Arthur V. His only daughter, Princess Anna, is considered the second in the unnofficial line of succession to the Marienbourgish throne.


Early life and education

Prince William was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, being the only son of Princess Nilza of Marienbourg to her husband Sebastião de Sousa. His mother is sister of the late Princess Maria III, which in turnes makes of William a first cousin of the late Princess Marilia IV and first cousin-once removed of Duke Arthur V.

Through is mother, William is a member of the Carvalho family, an ancient family of Portuguese origin that dates back to the 12th century. However, as Prince of Marienbourg, William was incorporated into the so-called House of Bruyn-Carvalho, a cadet branch of the House of Bruyn born through an agreement between his uncles Anthony and Edison Carvalho and his cousin Arthur van der Bruyn, by which Arthur, who is a Bruyn, became sovereign of Marienbourg and the Carvalho family, that of his mother, became his heirs.

Growing up in Belo Horizonte, William was very close to his cousin Marilia, which did not change throughout her life, even with the princess having moved from the Minas Gerais state in Brazil. Between 1973 and 1985 William attended Minas Gerais Baptist School, where his parents worked and lived as caretakers of the property. After graduating from high school, William took a series of courses in business, computers and human resources, and he didn't go to college, having specialized in these courses in order to get a secure job as quickly as possible.

Marriage and issue

In 1997, while working as a store manager at Shopping Cidade, William met Adriane Ribeiro, an economist whose firm he worked for had been hired by the mall; the future couple met in the mall's food court, and developed a friendship over the course of months. The relationship between William and Adriane became official in 1998 and the couple finally got married in 2000. Three years later, the couple's only daughter, Princess Anna of Marienbourg was born.

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Prince William
Reference styleHis Serene Highness
Spoken styleYour Serene Highness
Alternative styleSire

Titles and styles

  • 13 August 2014 – 26 December 2022: His Highness Princes William of Minen
  • 26 December 2022 – present: His Serene Highness Prince William of Marienbourg


William is a member or recipient of the following honors: