Katarinensisch Reichskreis

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Katarinensisch Reichskreis
Seal of the Katarinensisch Reichskreis
Term limits
No fixed term
Founded6 January 2021 (2021-01-06)
Antônio Scherer-Arrais
since 9 August 2021
First-past-the-post (for half the seats)
Last election
9 August 2021
Next election
No fixed date
Meeting place
Barbarossa de jure
Discord de facto

The Katarinensisch Reichskreis (Portuguese: Círculo Real Catarinense; English: Catarinense Royal Circles) is the legislative advisory body of the Independent State of the New Southern Rhine. The Katarinensisch Reichskreis is an unicameral parliament composed by the country's four appointed Stewards (the rulers of the cantons) and four elected Commissioners, headed by the Archsteward as speaker of the house.

The Katarinensisch Reichskreis was innaugurated in 6 January 2021 by the Acting Regent Arthur II of Ebenthal. As the Stewards' office is de facto largely cerimonial and they rarely get to actively participate in the legislative discussions, the Comissioners are often tasked with representing the absent stewards and, in doing so, they hold a double vote. Given this, the national parliament de facto works with four Comissionares with the voting power of eight people plus the Archsteward acting as speaker of the house and undoing ties. There are no political parties in New Southern Rhine, as according to the Fundamental Laws, they are damaging to the political process and divisive to society. Nevertheless each parliamentarian is free to openly uphold whichever ideology they like.[1]


The name Katarinensisch Reichskreis comes from the Riograndenser Hunsrückisch, a Brazilian-originated German dialect, translating to Círculo Real Catarinense, this is, "Catarinense Royal Circle". The term Catarinense or Katarinensisch is the gentile of those who are native of Santa Catarina, a state in southern Brazil on which New Southern Rhine lies enclaved. As for Reichkreis it is the denomination of the administrative groups within the Holy Roman Empire called Imperial Circles. The word per ser, though, translates as "circle of the realm".

Legislative functions

The Katarinensisch Reichskreis isn't an official parliament, as New Southern Rhine is an absolute monarchy, but instead it is an advisory body. Nonetheless the Katarinensisch Reichskreis serves de facto as a parliament, dealing on the legislative sphere. Acting at the monarch's will, the Katarinensisch Reichskreis enact laws, request for amendments to the Fundamental Laws and to dismiss an Archsteward, to authorize the government to apply or exempt taxes, to take and grant loans and to deal in trade and commerce, to ratify treaties and other kinds of international agreements (with very few exceptions), to deal with conciliation and arbitration when required, to legislate on immigration and citizenship, to legislate in matters regarding the military institution. The Katarinensisch Reichskreis also creates and appoints members of special comissions and committees.



Stewards are appointed by the monarch to autonomously govern the four cantons of the country for life or until the monarch removes the privileges. As such, in accordance with the Fundamental Laws, the Stewards have a seat in parliament as long as they fulfill their executive functions in the cantons. Steward's position is mostly nominal and ceremonial, so most Stewards are not politically active.


Commissioners are elected through universal suffrage with no fixed terms, remaining in office until they are dismissed or the monarch calls new elections. Each canton elects a Commissioner. Given the inactive nature of Stewards, he Commissioners are often tasked with representing them and, in doing so, they hold a double vote (one for themselves, one for the Steward they are representing).


Appointed MP Canton Took office Seat # Notes
Prince Antônio Scherer Kaiserwerth 17 January 2021 1 Steward
Prince Rubens Scherer Kaiserwerth 9 August 2021 2 Commissioner
Guilherme Däzchen Hochdeutsch 17 January 2021 3 Steward
Pedro Däzchen Hochdeutsch 9 August 2021 4 Commissioner
Princess Martha Scherer Katarinensisch Palatinate 17 January 2021 5 Steward
Prince Pedro Scherer Katarinensisch Palatinate 9 August 2021 6 Commissioner
Prince Wagner Scherer Artstetten 17 January 2021 7 Steward
Luis Marquadt Artstetten 9 August 2021 8 Commissioner


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