Political parties in Ebenthal

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Political partie in Ebenthal are voluntary associations formed by civilians to promote predetermined political views. They have existed since the before the country's independence and occur within the framework of the legislature, a unicameral parliament known as the College of Peers of the Realm. Nonetheless, it is not required to be a member of a politcal party to be a member of parliament.

Presently there are three political parties active in Ebenthal. Historically, parties have had to form coalitions in order to maintain stable governments. They are required to have strictly simple and different names in order to maintin a simple padronized initials.

List of political parties

Active parties

Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Registered members College seats
[[]] Conservative Party
Partido Conservador
PC Conservatism Right-wing The Marquis of Rozandir
6 / 16
[[]] Worker's Party
Partido Trabalhista
PT Labourism
Democratic socialism
Left-wing The Countess of Wittiza
5 / 16
[[]] Moderate Party
Partido Moderado
PM Liberalism
Social democracy
Centre The Duke of Sion
5 / 16

Inactive parties

Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Registered members Conclave seats
[[]] Republican Party
Partido Republicano
PR Republicanism
Party outlawed in 2019
0 / 16
[[]] Progressist Party
Partido Progressista
PP Progressism
Social democracy
Center-left The Baron of Rist
0 / 16