Political parties in Ebenthal

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Political parties in Ebenthal (Portuguese: Partidos políticos em Ebenthal) are voluntary political associations formed by civilians to promote political and ideological causes and views. Formerly a multi-party democracy, Ebenthal de facto adopted the two-party system, in which the dominant parties are the National Party and the New Democrats. The maintenance of the Republican Party is explained by the fact that, after having been previously banned, abolishing the party now would potentially be interpreted as an attack on representative democracy . The parties exist within the framework of the national legislature, the bicameral parliament called Konkrëse, on which members of the lower house, the House of Councillors, are elected in free elections by universal suffrage. The party or coalition of parties that controls the greatest number of seats in the lower house forms a cabinet of government, headed by a Prime Minister of that party or coalition.

Presently there are three political parties active in Ebenthal, two of which are dominant in the framework of a de facto two-party system. Historically though, parties have had to form coalitions in order to maintain stable governments. They are required to have strictly simple and different names in order to maintin a simple padronized initials.

List of political parties

Active parties

Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Registered members House of Councillors
National Party
Partido Nacional
PN w:Conservatism
Right-wing The Marquis of Rozandir
5 / 15
Republican Party
Partido Republicano
PR Republicanism
Right-wing Alessandro Rosas
0 / 15
New Democratic Party
Partido dos Novos Democratas
ND Social liberalism
Social democracy
Center-left Gabriela Amorim
7 / 15
Swedish Party
Svenska Partiet
PS Swedish integration
Nordic model
Center-left Rupert Ruschel
0 / 15

Former parties

Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Former leader Registered members House of Councillors
(seats at time of dissolution)
Conservative Party
Partido Conservador
PC Paternalistic conservatism
Right-wing The Prince Fernando
2 / 14
Worker's Party
Partido Trabalhista
PT Democratic socialism
Left-wing vacant
3 / 14
Moderate Party
Partido Moderado
PM Liberalism
Social democracy
Centre The Duke of Sternachten
8 / 14
Progressive Party
Partido Progressista
PP Progressism
Social democracy
Center-left The Baron of Rist
0 / 16