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200 Contos note featuring a portrait of King Arthur II.
ISO 4217
 Freq. used𝕮10, 𝕮20, 𝕮50, 𝕮100, 𝕮200
 Freq. used𝕮1, 𝕮2, 𝕮5
 Rarely used𝕮0.05, 𝕮0.10, 𝕮0.25, 𝕮0.50
Date of introduction1 February 2024
ReplacedKupfermark in Ebenthal
Thaler in Marienbourg
User(s) Ebenthal
Central bankBank of Ebenthal
Ducal Bank

The conto (symbol: 𝕮, currency code: EMC, pl. contos) is the official, domestic currency and legal tender of Ebenthal and Marienbourg through the Bacerlos-Montenegro Monetary Pact. The conto is a representative currency and has its commercial value backed by convertible government bonds through copper standard by the national banks of the adopting states at the fixed exchange rate of 𝕮1 per milligram of copper. To this end, each national bank is required to maintain a store of value capable of supplying at least half of the money in circulation. The conto is divided into 100 centavos or cents.


The name conto comes from the term conto de réis, which was used to refer to one million old Brazilian real, an old Brazilian currency whose denomination it lasted between 1645 and 1942. The word conto comes from the counting of money; one counts the money, when they reach a million, they have a count, or conto in Portuguese. Its etymological root is in the Latin word computus which means "calculation" or "count".

Monetary policy

The conto's monetary policy is set by an executive board made up of representatives from the Bank of Ebenthal and Ducal Bank, acting as central banks of their respective countries, mediated by an external auditor. This board determines the availability of money in circulation. The external auditor is appointed jointly by the finance ministers of the signatory nations of the Barcelos-Montenegro Monetary Pact and is empowering with executive functions and broad autonomy checked by the strict monetary regulation established by the treaty that created it. The value of the conto is backed in the milligram value of copper and is guaranteed by a store of value of both refined copper and silver bullion coins of convertible value. However, the issuance of currency has its primary backing in public debt bonds, which in turn are secured by the metallic store of value, allowing the issuance of money to be higher than the reserve guarantees under low interest rates and with strict inflationary control.

Exchange rate

The conto makes use of the copper standard at the fixed exchange rate of 1 conto to 1 copper milligram. Conversion to other currencies is done through the value of the amount of copper referring to the amount to be exchanged in contos.

Year Copper Milligram Exchange rate EbenthalMarienbourg EMC Exchange rate Ebenthal EBK Exchange rate Marienbourg MAT Exchange rate w:Brazil BRL Exchange rate w:United States USD Exchange rate w:United Kingdom GBP Exchange rate w:European Union EUR Exchange rate
2022 1 milligram 𝕮1,00 𝒦ℳ1,00 ȶ0,4 R$0,00005 $0,0000096 £0,0000091 €0,0000079



Image Value Dimensions
Main Colour Design
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse
5 Contos (observe) 5 Contos (reverse) 𝕮200 136.8 x 64.9 Amaranth Purple "King Arthur II Self-Portrait" (2022) by Arthur van der Bruyn "Castellum" by Unknown artist