2019 Ebenthaler interregnum

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The 2019 Ebenthaler interregnum (Portuguese: Interregno Ebentálico de 2019) is the name given to the period between 27 September and 29 December 2019 in which the Kingdom of Ebenthal did not have a king. The interregnum began when, on 27 September 2019, the Tribune of Truth and Conclave of Ebenthal jointly declared the actions of the King Mateus I unconstitutional, the King an outside the law, and sentenced him to death, thus ending the Mateusian Crisis which had begun in early July that year. On the same day the Conclave, then the name of the unicameral parliament of Ebenthal, unanimously offered the Crown to Raphael Sousa, 1st Duke of Sternachten, who refused it and was promptly appointed Regent, having been delegated the function of finding a suitable suitor to assume the Throne of Ebenthal.

On 29 September the Duke of Aureanburgh, acting as Regent, appointed the Marquis of Savassi as Grand Vizier for him to rule the country, while he preoccupied himself with finding a claimant to the throne. On 15 October the Duke offered the throne of Ebenthal to former Emperor Peter I of Schneeblutig who, removed from micronational politics, declined the offer. On 3 November, Sultan Omar V Harram turned down the offer for the same reason. On 12 December the throne was offered to Bryan Mossé, President of Rubrayev, who was relatively popular among the Moderate Party members in Ebenthal, but he too declined. According to the Duke of Aureanburgh himself, the pretender to King should be liberal enough and equally strong-willed, in order to adapt well to the national political culture. On December 14, he came up with the idea of contacting King Arthur I of Roschfallen, who ruled Ebenthal while the country's territory was part of Roschfallen in the first half of 2014. The King of Roschfallen expressed to Aureanburgh his immense frustration with politics. and with both the political class and civil society in Roschfallen. After secret conversations, on 28 December it was concluded that Arthur would abdicate the throne of Roschfallen and become King of Ebenthal, which took place the next day, 29 December 2019, putting an end to the interregnum. He became King Arthur II of Ebenthal and appointed the Duke of Aureanburgh as his Prime Minister.