Mateus I of Ebenthal

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Mateus I
King of Ebenthal
Reign24 June 2019 – 27 September 2019
PredecessorArthur I
SuccessorArthur II
Born15 September 1999 (1999-September-15) (age 24)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mateus Beato Santoro de Sousa
FatherJorge Beato
MotherValéria Beato
Styles of
Mateus I of Ebenthal
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSire

Mateus I, nicknamed The Tyrant, (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 15 September 1999) was the second King of Ebenthal. Born in Rio de Janeiro, upon his brother King Arthur I's ascension to the throne of Ebenthal in August 2014, Mateus became his brother's presumptive heir under the title of Prince of Arturia, during which time he performed minor roles such as representing his brother on his absence and advise him. In 24 June 2019, when Arthur I abdicated the Ebenthali throne, he was succeeded by Mateus. His brief rign was chaotic. Soon after assuming the throne Mateus acted as an autocrat, issued unconstitutional decreed and openly planned to completely restructure Ebenthal's political hierarchy, ignoring the parliament and justice, which sparked the series of events collectively called Mateusian Crisis. After he tried to seize absolute power by abusing his powers and firing the members of the the country's political center, supported by a clique of nobles and military and in conflict with the country's institutions and most of its political class and resident population, the Tribune of Truth, the Conclave of Ebenthal and the Royal Ebenthali Army, respectively headed by Pedro Reis, 1st Count of Gesetzhausen, Nícollas Reis, 1st Duke of Novaes and Raphael Sousa, 1st Duke of Sternachten, overthrew him in 27 September 2019 in order to prevent Ebenthal from dissolve, thus ending the reign of the House of Beato and creating the 2019 Ebenthali interregnum. Mateus was later judged and declared an enemy of Ebenthal and sentenced to death by drowning in acid, commuted to perpetual exile. After his deposition a regency was created and he was finally succeeded by Arthur II as King of Ebenthal in 29 December 2019.

Titles, styles and honours

Titles and styles

  • 11 August 2014 – 24 June 2014: His Royal Highness The Prince of Arturia
  • 24 June 2014 – 27 September 2019: His Majesty The King of Ebenthal

As King of Ebenthal his full style and title is: "By Grace of God and Popular Devotion, His Majesty Mateus I, King of the Ebenthali Federation either side of the Mountain Range, Defender of the Independence, Lord of the Northern Hills."


National Honors

As High King of Ebenthal, Mateus was Grand Master of the following orders: